(mp3) daTM zit down n cold unleash da pad comp selection (decent audio) :tm: :tmfury:



AHAHAHAH da brothaz face at da end zayz it all

:tm: :t_rex:


Haha diz level of fury might be juz da right amount fo da comp?

Not full trumofo rape mode but also not da CUCKED style of piano playing dat I display fo da TRUMOMMA

Da Zit-down cold unleazh a legit genre tru :zepp:


Haha legendary unleazh! Prefer dat to the one above. Interesting chick noise at 2.17.


Haha dats a clazzic cold unleazh genre.

Man, ok, I iz gonna sit my azz down, close da lolita chat app (whut is she doing up at 4am anyway) n prax extra slow n detailed a few hours.

I iz assuming da Yamaha CFX will be da usual extra-responsive one wiz da built in HO bazz, so I dun need to worry about getting enough powa.

Pozz, focus in on da ppp end of da spectrum n get used to sum new una corda effects in spots.

Damn, I need to play refined, controlled, but mildly furious n artizdick n daring wiz sum profound maxim facials plus da TRIF bench hop shoulder slam move in da Orage.

I hope da fury be wiz moi on Wednesday



Trying to find da balance between academic cuntestant pussy 111 or ballsy tru brotha style “fuck u” style interp

Diz closah to da “fuck u jury” end of da dildo


hahaha DATZ RITE

tru juz imagine u iz a jury mofo what do u want to hear aftah 15 academic perf from lil azian girlz :zzz:

da TRUMOMMA zhud not come wednezday diz will free ur mind n fury

tell da :wood: to guard da hall entrance n block da TRUMOMMA
or find a strategy to occupy her :sunglasses:



TRU diz azzignment #1 of da SDC re-integration program :wood: :sunglasses:


She comes to ma perfs but randomly I forget about hu is in da audience when I unleash n really try to GET IN to a perf.

Juz, I gotta let go n play

See, if ma chick really luved moi she wud

Invite moi to play 30 rectal in China to try diz stuff out.
Da work ends in da prax room. You gotta go out and unleash, adjust, rape, adjust.

N work up to a higher level of artistry. Enough mechanics.

Randomly, now I noe tiz all about da muzic

And muzic is about life, death, rape n da ideal ho which dun exist (Suzu), da heartbreak of da lost Friedrice rectals n rocky 1931 pimp ball n da fury about da fact dat da lezbo is a renowed pimp expert n zheeyat


fuck, you really got me with dat punchline :stuck_out_tongue:




Da :wood: aint in NYC no more


tru da clozezt mofo now da :zepp: :sunglasses:



I remember flying ovah da St John on ma trip to Germany. Aiiiight rezpek @da_zepp