Music Theory iz Racizt - White Supremacy

Music Theory and White Supremacy


Yeah I watched this malarkey. The prof had the audacity to say dat da Brotha is an above average composer! Who is great then? Dr. Dre?

He wants us to learn Indian music theory? African Music Theory? What else? How about Tasmanian Music Theory?

Fuck that self-righteous cocksucker! And the gay prof, too! :joy:


I’ve no idea how weztern muzik theory iz WHITE zupremacizt when mozt mofoz hu ztudy and perpetuate it are

EAZT AZIAN :whale: :whale:

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Eggzactly. No one is forcing anyone to study Western classical music. Nobody is forcing anyone outside of Europe/North America to invite the best classical performers and pay them their handsome fees.

These poor academics just want to feel intellectually and morally superior. This Critical Race Theory proponents are very critical thinkers. They’re just trying to push through their anti-white communist agenda. :fu:

Haha da bazic reazon weztern muzik theory iz taught iz becuz mozt otha genrez zimply dont give a fuck about theory, or zheet muzik, n play by ear

to paint it az white zupremacizt or racizt iz a bit ov a ztretch

zure dere are zum raciztz in da clazzical world, zum white zupremaciztz, but callin everyzheeyat racizt actually cauzez mo racial tenzion

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Jamez Lindzay I prezume?

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Correct! At the bottom is his twitter handle.

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Point 7 is the most patronising BZ I’ve evah heard, and in fact I’d say iz in fact making racizt azzumptionz. Giving one trivial example, the number zero exizted firzt in non-Caucasian societiez.

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Tru I follow many ov hiz tube intahviewz

But alzo I enjoy Coleman Hughez, and he iz a muzician himzelf

Dere iz a big zocial juztice and left-lean in da ARTZ includin muzik

Enjoyed diz zegment here -

Even without watching, I’d say there’s a very simple answer as to why artists tend to lean left. Their primary point of value is creativity whereas the primary focus of the right is the capitalist acquisition of money.

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Haha gif yo view afta watchin, tiz a gud vid

Hmm, not too sure it pertains much to clazzical muzic. Quite a few composers have been openly leftwing, but how many have been vocally activist about it? Nono and Henze?

I think it’s a big mistake to conflate wokeism and being leftwing: a lot of older lefties would probably be quite pissed off to find their general egalitarianism hijacked in this way.

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Hiztorically iznt da Punk movement particularly in da 80z da moz overtly political zcene?

Moztly zocial juztice izzuez, in a good way…not identity politix
And pro Zocializt anti-capitalizt zheeyat

Azide from dat obviouzly alzo neo-nazi punk :whale:

Nazi Punks Fuck Off - YouTube

and diz zubzequently

Alzo da WANKAH…clearly a BIT right wing :gav: :pimp:

Punk is, in theory, pro-anarchist. Telling Nazis to fuck off should be the default position for all normal humans, tbh. I’m not sure I see much impetus to build a better collective libertarian society in punk; perhaps more relevant to that time was a general sense of protest against very real racism in UK society (for example, Google Blair Peach, which was a cause celebre).

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Da Wankah wuz far left btw.

Didn’t you read my sleeve notes? :sunglasses:

Mentions his involvement with German anarchists.

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Haha wuz too buzy admirin da covah art :sunglasses:

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Ahaha da cummentz about da WANKAH designing street barricades for anarchist riotz wuz in da sequel album, da nipple artwork wuz on da firzt one :grin:

“overt mizogyny” :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha random tangent - do U haf any feedback ov zalez figahz fo yo releazez?

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