New repertoire/programs of living pianists


OMFG. As much as I hate this, and as much as I felt like a moron for paying 75 to hear Zimerman in 2014, this is not just classical music. Concert prices in general have gone up hugely this decade.


While record earnings have gone down

They love that Ferrari don’t they


Is there a rec of KZ?


This is why I adore Vienna! Every concert in Musikverein you can listen for 5 or 6 euros. It’s standing place and if you want to have a good place, you have to come earlier. But anyway, it’s worth. Not to mention that many times I notices few free sitting places, so I was listening second part on a good seet.

Konzerthaus has sitting tickets for 14 euros for people under 26. Opera costs 3 or 4 euros for standing places!


No I didn’t do it. It was memorable though, and I don’t regret paying 75, though at the time, beforehand, I thought it was horrendous. Z’s a bit special though. I would pay 75 only for him, Sokolov, that’s probably it.


You could probably get cheap seats in the nosebleed, but I don’t even really go to concerts anymore where I’m not going to get a good recording, and for Kissin it means paying 110€. So this is the last time I’ll see him for a while.


Tomorrow I’ll be trying to get tomorrowland tickets for 500€ each, and it’ll probably be soldout before I get let into the site.



Da X is so happy he’s content in todayland


We might be heading to your hood afterwards, since my friend really wants to go to a Scandinavian country. I‘m keen for Italy, particularly Veneto although I’ll avoid Padova. Despite living in Europe for several years, I’ve barely seen any of it.


Padova is essential for one thing – the Giotto frescoes in the Scrovegni Chapel. A Russian friend and I drove from Venice to Padova to Vicenza in a day trip back in 2008 or so, stopping at a few Palladio villas along the way. It was amazing – Vicenza’s beautiful. So if you have the chance…


Padova is my ex’s hometown, so I don’t think I could go there without it triggering a lot of bad memories. But I’m definitely keen for Vicenza, Verona, Treviso and Venice.


Venice is a bit of a tourist trap apparently. The other cities I’d be up for any time.


Yeah I know, and we’ll be going in late July/early August so it’ll be even worse. A lot of people I know didn’t like Venice, but I don’t think I can go to Veneto and not go to Venice (especially since we’ll probably be flying into Venice).


Well, I suppose it is, if you hang around during the day in the central spots. But saunter just a little away from the sites and it becomes wonderfully quiet and magical. I haven’t been back for a decade and probably won’t ever go again, but god it’s an amazing place, so beautiful. I had a bunch of memorable trips there in the Noughties, including drinking champagne on a totally deserted Rialto Bridge at midnight on Russian NYE, then walking pissed through Piazza San Marco. It was all dead silent and ghostly, abandoned and breathtaking. Everyone should experience 3+ days there but away from the crowds.


It seems that Trifonov will really do complete Thr Art of Fugue!

" The program concludes with the monumental Art of Fugue …"


the 2019-2020 season at carnegie hall was just anounced
kissin, ax, bronfman, uchida, schiff, levit - all playing beethoven only recitals
how boring

gerstein and hamelin more varied repertoire
matsuev is playing liszt and scriabin


At the same time, it’s not unexpected, although really the anniversary season should be 20-21 since Beethoven was born in December. Personally I’d love to attend the Schiff and the Levit. The others not so much, although Kissin could probably put together some good interpretations.


Yes, I’m with Brew - Hamelin too depending on rep.


I was going to say it looks like a dull offering, but checking the site myself here are six concerts I’d really look forward to. I bet the last three in particular will be really good with this pianist/rep combo.


Hamelin’s playing his favourite piece I see. :nauseated_face:

I like Levit’s programme, particularly that he’s playing op 22, which isn’t often programmed but is a personal favourite because it was the first Beethoven sonata I learnt.