New repertoire/programs of living pianists



I’m not aware of a recording, but how I hope one will turn up one day. My favourite Bach pianist, and… maybe my favourite Bach PC.


Andrey Gugnin’s next CD project for Hyperion is going to be very interesting Hommage a Godowsky. He’s also playing bunch of different (and difficult) repertoire during the season:

20.05.2019 — 22.05.2019

St. Silas Church, London, UK

Recording for Hyperion

Felix Blumenfeld Étude for the LH alone, Op.36​​

Abram Chasins Prelude No.13​​​​ ​

​Ignaz Friedman Drei Klavierstucke, Op. 33​​

Ossip Gabrilowitsch Étude for the LH, Op.12/2​​​

Josef Hofmann Charakterskizzen, Op.40​​​

Joseph Holbrooke Rhapsodie-Études, Op.42​​​
​4. La fantastique
5. Une nuit tènèbreuse

Theodore Leschetizky Trois morceaux, Op. 48​​​

​​Emil Liebling Concerto polonaise, Op.41​
Moritz Moszkowski Melodia appassionata, Op.81/6​​

Paganini-Liszt-Busoni La Campanella​​​​​

Rachmaninov Polka de W.R.​​​​​

Emil Sauer "Vision​​​"​​​

Theodore-Szanto Troisième étude orientale​​ ​

Constantin Sternberg Etude


Very interesting rep!

Since he’s playing a Chasins prelude I wonder why he doesn’t also pick the 2nd piece here :

Also - Holbrooke is very interesting, his 1st concerto is amazing


If the Sternberg is the same one that Hofmann played, it’s completely devoid of musical value imo.



Tiz a fun little encore, not meant to be a bilbical epic :zenzei:


Sure, but even for a short encore it’s horribly banal.


I zumwut agree, tiz not an addictive little nugget lyk many piecez are. Enjoyed it if played by a wikid penizt…if not den tiz a random wazte ov tym :zcholah:


I remember I sent it to da ZEPP on MSN back in the day, and he didn’t like it.


When da ZEPP dun lyk a piece ov random virt fo da zake ov virt u noe tiz zheeyat :zepp: @da_zepp


Holy shitt


hahaha tru diz zong iz bazically da ZCRIBET 42/3 + da ROCK prel 23/5 middle zect

but sheeyat :sunglasses:



Diz a bit sheeyat but looks theoredickally wikid on paper. Careful voiceleading

estimated ghey level:


Dat’s a roll recording by da Hofmann.
The acoustic 1915 rec. is much more subtle and charming.
Tru tis just a bonbon à la Moszk but well written all da same…


Tru, dats a marvel and no editing!


So Levit will play Liszt’s TEs in Schloss Elmau (Germany, I had to look this up) on 30 May and 1 June. I googled this and up came a 2011 recital of him playing half an hour of them in 2011


Da KRILLAH is playing two different programmes next month in Sydney. It’s mostly unimaginative programming with the exception of this “Raphael Sonata 2” which I’ve never heard of. I told my Russian piano teacher about it, but I don’t know if she’ll attnd (and she definitely wouldn’t record). Only other musical contact is one of my friends from school who works for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra; she might possibly attend, but she also wouldn’t record. :lib:


Dis chick’s got a heavy bust :bar:


Tru, nice hips too.


Short video clip Debargue’s FB page says:

“A rehearsal moment with Kremerata Baltica. Milosz Magin’s Piano Concerto no 3. Last part - Finale.”

Anyone heard about that composer??


A little bit. Debargue used his Nostalgie du pays as encore last season. A tiny piece, but quite beautiful.