New repertoire/programs of living pianists


He’s been playing a short piece by Stéphane Delplace recently. So this might be another composer he’ll programme more often. I actually don’t like the piece very much.


Mein Gott, da Chewbacca playeth da 88

A bit banal perhaps, but I’m for any departure from the standard rep so kudos nonetheless.


eh, I’d rather it be good music. There’s a lot of that which is non-standard anyway. Even Haydn is practically non-standard these days. Just as long as he doesn’t programme Schubert, who I will only accept in Liszt’s song transcriptions.


Yes but there is much which is which never has entered the standard rep - even by Haydn.

Agreed though, this was more Christmas carol than composition.


The Magin Kreso mentioned above is going to be recorded (studio version) and released on CD. I presume this will happen soon, which means he won’t have time to play it in.


Wow Christina Miller looking right in that poster. fingers of barere face and body of a Victoria’s Secret model… Wish I could buy stock in pianists :frowning:

Countdown to dating a DG executive lol


Are you talking only about his compositional activity? He was also a pianist – I used to have the 8 CD (or so) box-set of his Chopin. It was miked up poorly / piano sounded aggressive, like a Melodiya recording. No opinion as such.


… here is his complete program.

Heidelberger Frühling 2011
Konzert vom 10. April in der Alten Aula der Universität Heidelberg
Igor Levit (Klavier)

Franz Schubert / Franz Liszt: “Sei mir gegrüßt” S 558
Franz Schubert: Moments musicaux D 780
Franz Liszt: 12 Études d’exécution transcendante S 139


Any idea why they only uploaded 7 of them? Are there any recordings floating around of him playing the complete set?


Good news. Pletnev has brought Beethoven’s op. 111 back to his repertoire. He’ll play a Mozart / Brotha recital in asia in June


The complete recital was broadcast years ago. In case of interest I’ll upload it.


Yes please!


Zimy got back back to Brahms 3rd sonata, which he just played at Suntory Hall in Tokyo:




He’ll play pretty close to my place next week, with a different first half if this information is correct.


They still haven’t published the programme he’ll play here. Personally, I’d rather hear da 88’s programme, since I’ve heard the Brahms 3rd played several times already, and I doubt he’ll do it better than Freire.


I also really like his Mazurkas - and the Brahms-2 better than the Brahms-3. I’m a bit skeptical of his status atm, but if he plays like he used to do I think that’ll be a great concert.


My wife read the review of Zim’s Suntory rectal, which was mainly positive.
But like Pogo-san, it seems he’s now playing from sheet music. If that affects one’s quality of performance is open for debate…


He’s such a control freak, I’m surprised he didn’t start playing using the sheet music sooner.


Howevah she also read some non-official reviews by guys who weren’t so enthusiazdick…
…Stating that because of page-turning in some of the Scherzos, the music simply stopped in da middle of a phrase (??) No cash to hire a page-turnah?
…That his style changed into something more aggressive and extreme (Pogo-influence?)
…That his playing was sometimes messy and full of mistouches
…That the elegance & perfection of his usual style were lacking
… etc.


DAYUM, diz zound a bit legendary :sunglasses: