New repertoire/programs of living pianists


The first one sounds very strange, I wouldn’t have thought he would allow page turns to mess up his phrasing.



SCHUMANN: Blumenstück , Op. 19; Kreisleriana, Op. 1
JANÁČEK: Sonata 1.X.1905
PROKOFIEV: Visions Fugitives
BELLINI/LISZT: Réminiscences de Norma


Oh… The Visions could be good.


I’ll hear him to a shortened version of that programme, but without the Prokofiev. Hopefully, he’ll graduate to evening concerts soon, instead of always getting Sunday morning ones. Incidentally, I saw that Adam Laloum has played Rach 3 in the south-west of France recently.


I’m eagerly awaiting recs of Tyson and Sokolov atm, and even more so the 19/20 season schedule - which should only be weeks away now, and after which many more programs should be revealed. I’m randomly really curious on what MAH will do next, and also Levit.


TCE season will be announced and open for subscriptions on the 23rd of March, but I’m really not expecting any surprises; it will be the same pianists as always.


I boguth a ticket for Sokolov in Budapest, at the end of April. Don’t have a great seat, a bit far, but will do my best…


ahahahaha NOZTRADAzepp projection of da DOC current career path:

Full tym CUNTDUCKTAH in 5 yearz :doc:

diz vil be a great moment when da DOC finally fulfill hiz lyf long ambition of becummah

a well rezpec-ed m*zician

lyk da BAREN :sunglasses:



Finally unleash da first version of da Pagets or da 1837 Grand Etudes

In a live pay-per-view duel wiz da lezbo!


fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk da zepp wud pay to watch diz

FO DA LEZBO :sunglasses:


Don’t think da DOC haz da tech to do da GEs these days.


He just did the Busoni piano concerto


True, but that’s mostly about stamina. Pozz da equivalent of playing da complete TEs. :lib:


True I agree


I disagree. I think it would be fine–if he devotes himself to the cycle, practicing it and programming it, instead of wasting his time on some of the same tired rep like D.960 (imagine ever saying such a thing about Doc?)


It would probably be of the same standard as his Chop-Gods. :lib:
In any case, I doubt he’d ever programme them.


Agreed. I think he’s done with that sort of thing. Too bad.


ahahahah diz a random miz-cuntception fo which da zepp himzelf alzo take rezponzibility

ZUM of da DOCz chopgodz from da cumplete zeriez r indeed a bit zheeyat, reced in ztop-n-go quazi ziterape LEZBO ztylee no doubt :sunglasses:

but da onez he uzed to prog frequently (n can derefo unleazh) r of quite GENSUI quality :lib:


Randomly, saw on FB that Joseph Moog will play Dohnanyi 2nd concerto and it will be broadcast.


Never heard that concerto…