Oscar Peterson SOLO


Oscar Peterson - Solo

Oscar Peterson - My Favourite Instrument

Oscar Peterson - Terry’s Tune (*OP Vocals on a few tracks)

Oscar Peterson - Tracks

Oscar Peterson - Live in Hanover 1972 Radio Broadcast

Oscar Peterson - Montreux 1975 Solo

There are one or two more that I’ll try to find and post.



Van Cliburn once said he hoped someday to be able to play the piano as well as Oscar Peterson.


Thank you Chris fo compiling dis genzui fo da TM.

I’ll grab dis when I get home from work tru.
Platinum rezpek!


Honestly, I don’t think he ever got there, at least technically.


Two more:

Digital at Montreux (Piano + Bass, with a few piano solo tracks. Track 3 is nuts)

Cheltenham 1979 Solo Radio Broadcast

Pretty sure that’s all I have, except for a few scattered solo interludes here and there. Also his interview on Marian McPartland’s Piano Jazz radio show: Link

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The Montreux '75 is the video right?
Also, would mind uploading the songbook discs? I only have them on spotify.
Edit: Actually I only need the Rodgers one, I found the others.


Wow! Thank you!


Montreux 75 is the audio captured from the video. If you want the video, I can post it.


No, it’s fine I have it already. I presume I got it from you.


He recorded more of these than I realised. I’m also interested in the Gershwin, Arlen and Berlin ones if you have them.


I think I do have the whole bunch. Pretty sure they’re mp3 320, if that okay.


Yeah no worries!


Downloaded all. Rezpek!!!

Seriously, many thanks!
Rezpek da :canada:


plus this smooth genzui