Pimp Comp 2017


The Liszt Competition 2017 starts in three hours (14.30 CET)
Links for streams:
facebook.com/pg/Liszt.Compe … e_internal


Ullman was very impressive in the selection rounds from last february, imo:
(starts at the 32 minute mark)
facebook.com/Liszt.Competit … 924845222/

Other intersting participants: Jan Hugo (programs a lot of Alkan), Asaki Nagata (great tone, knows when to let go of the pedal)



I predict Jenny Chen in finals


She just played the Spannish Rappah. :stop: :stop: :stop:


A classic! I remember she played it good in 2011.

I still dun know if I’d hit it or not 8)


Her octaves are good :ziff:
Then again, she wouldn’t accidentally play ninths


Datz big enuff

She owns da FF btw 8)


This guy will play tomorrow (he’s the only candidate who chose to play on the Maene parallel string piano) He seems to be following the :doc: carreer path, one of the few Mephisto Waltz no. 3 performances available on youtube:


can zum mofo explain diz (muzt be undah 45’):

J. Deux Légendes, No.1 St. François d’Assise. La prédication aux oiseaux, S175/1
AND Deux Légendes, No.2 St. François de Paule marchant sur les flots, S175/2
AND Fantasie und Fuge über das Motiv B-A-C-H, S529ii
AND Scherzo und Marsch, S177
AND Pensée des morts, S173/4

15’ + 10’ + 10’ + 10’? :lib: :lib: :lib:

alzo, will ve hear da CONTRABANDISTA o UBER SPANISCHE WEISSEN? mah-bad-zelf yearns fo da dizaztah 8)


It’s possible, but I’m not sure I’d like to hear it… Who’s playing?

Probably something like:

175#1: 8 min
175#2: 7 min
529ii: 10 min
177: 10 min
173#4: 10 min


Nobody yet, but tiz an admissible repertoire selection frum da lazt zemifinal round.

I can’t find where to zee the competitors’ rep choices.

Hoping to hear da Auber Tarantelle alzo.


Hehe, would anyone dare when the most famous rec is Cziffra?

Rezpec da Purtainz indeed, which incidentally was played at the VERY FIRST piano recital da xsdc was in attendance for. :pimp:


dai, I’ve seen diz mofo on da yung Ho Leningrad legendaire rectals.


So far, da Nakata iz da mozt imprezzive IMO. Her passage work remindz mah-bad-zelf of da :ho:


If u had gotten in, wut wuz ur rep diz tym?


I worked a bit on da Contrabandistica fant randomly. A hard sheeyat!
Anyway - I didn’t plan the whole rep, I never do - until I actually get in 8)


I think it’s very beneficial for ones career to program the Leslie Howard reconstruction of the Figaro Fantasy. This is randomly the only Liszt work where I think the Busoni version is better :rectum:


Bergenhuizen plays the Contrabandista. I’ve heard him play it last month.
I just hope he plays it faster next week. :stop:


da final round rep requirementz iz total zheeyat diz year, a lot of ztupid junk


damn in contrabandista you’re essentially going toe-to-toe with some of the greatest technicians in recorded history, all for a sheeyat that barely lasts a minute. Not worth it.


Wait a moment… are we talking this youtu.be/2X_hOY6tEvM?t=09s ?