Rachmaninoff vz. Zcriabin

  • Rach :rocky:
  • Zcrib :memo:

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Juz zimply which iz yo fav?

Scrib by a trillion miles.

toss up

Late Scrib is da way to go

I’m not a huge fan of Rach as a composer.

I love both very much, but I listen to Scrib more often.

What I really love :rocky: for is stuff like this.


Scrib the better composer. The Rock is closer to my heart.


Rach vs Scriabin
Chopin vs Liszt

Somehow da less GENSUI composah capcha da public heart easier


Clayderman vs Rzewski
Shit, you are right!

I might be biased, but Scriabin by a mile. Definitely one of the most creative minds to come from that era of Russian music. My personal favorite composer along with the Zhoe.

i actually feel exactly opposite, rachmaninoff in some way ‘better’ in terms of craft (less obvious weaknesses) but scriabin way more impactful, moving, and unique

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I chose Scrib for 88 works, generally better and more innovative but Rach is also very good

But disregarding the piano technically Rach is a better composer. Better orchestral output, chamber output, concerto workz, etc.


I’ve thought about diz fo a bit…outside of our sdc niche (TRU, da scrub iz amazing!), Da rach winz in basically every category. N I dun underztand how it’z even close…

I mean Wagner is considered the GOAT by opera people but outside of opera he has jack shit.

Just like how Chopin is regarded for the 88, Mahler regarded for symphonies, etc.

you’re basically 99.9% right but the Siegfried Idyll is one of the finest orch pieces of the 19th century i think

whoops that was supposed to be a rezponz to diz :sunglasses:

I disagree… Scriabin and “weakness” can’t be in the same sentence, unless you are taking about some super early works.

Anotha added factor here iz da influence ov deze cumpozaz

da ZCRIB influenced a whole zkool ov Ruzzian cumpozaz

RACH ztandz zumwut alone at an ‘end point’ ov romanticizm

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Somehow one is easiah 2 lizzen 2 den da otha

Aaron Copland praised Scriabin’s thematic material as “truly individual, truly inspired”, but criticized Scriabin for putting “this really new body of feeling into the strait-jacket of the old classical sonata-form, recapitulation and all”, calling this "one of the most extraordinary mistakes in all music.