Railway station pimp unleazh


parasheeyat with da usual thingz… Octz, arpz etc :pimp:


Rezpec, but damn that sheeyat needs to be tuned.


Pozz, I noticed it in some high treble but clearly it offends you more than me. Maybe my perfect pitch is going with age :wink:

Tbh given the storage conditions I’m not surprised if it’s a bit out, but it’s in better shape than most public 88z, and it’s predecessor which got broken by vandals jumping on it :angry:


Haha I think I’ve just been attending too many concerts. I didn’t used to care that much about it before. It only bugged me when things were in between keys (usually historical recordings or video). I don’t even have perfect pitch; I have some of the abilities that are associated with it but not all. My sister has it though. I wonder if everyone’s pitch goes sharp with age but they just don’t notice it because they can’t tell the difference between a C and D etc? And you’re right, for a public piano the tuning is really not so bad, even though it sounds like a tonkytonk piano.