sum NOR live recs (ligeti, medtner, etc)


bad quality pozz…

Medtner Sonata Tragica

Ligeti Etude 10

Bartok 3 Burlesques


wow, da ultimate laziness.



make ur own links fuckah 8)


Respect for playing MEDTNER. I will listen ASAP.


sorry guys, but i posted it drunk at 5 am… i had no idea how to do it… I forgot how to deal with the spaces between words…


I only listened to the Medtner, it was great! Good work.



ligeti sounds nice, good work!


dayum i iz the only non drinkah on this forum? :lib:

no sound but i will def. lizten this week


downloading now, will listen when I get home.


Nope :rectum:



didn’t richter drink abunch tho?

n dun u git thirzty animla? :dong: :doc:


I didn’t drink for 3 years. but now harzhly off da wagon. :rob:


hahahaha mannnnnn thiz ligeti iz wikid :whale: :whale: :whale:


Dude, this Medtner is very VERY nice. Easily among the best I’ve heard. I like it better than Eckardstein’s even…

Major respect !

Now we need a :wood: Tragica…


tru, shame da qual not real horror-show but da playing iz. Rezpec!


hahah respec da Canadian enthusiastic aproval… a bit exagerated :blush:

tru a friend record it with i dont know wich kind of MiniDisk… prob the mic sucked big time because its on mono ( i just made a double mono…) the Hall wasnt much help either (The jury even told us to play not “too loud” wtf…)

i might record it again in Banff, there i can get some tru quality sound

… now that i listen i think it got better by the second half… before probably i wasnt really into it…


I’m not exaggerating at all. This is a fantastic performance. The intensity toward the end is so wtf awesome.



nice ligeti!



Hhaa this is zum WIKID playing :slight_smile: heard the medtner and ligeti so far, going through the bartok, which i don’t know

this bartok is a great piece, i wanna learn it now 8)

edit i followed it with the score, pretty wikid interp dude, rezpec


listened to the sonata tragica

tru, wikid playing 8)