sum NOR live recs (ligeti, medtner, etc)


ok who is da NOR? I couldn’t find that name in our Rosetta Stone. I would like a copy of the Medtner please.


Danor. He was a member here. I won’t use his full name since this is an unlocked sub. I’ll post his Medtner in the tube thread.


embrassin a photographah career

REZPEC da NOR :sunglasses:

zum model could be of interezt fo da :tm:


HAHAHA!!! Da MART a bit harzh

Da NOR a zelf-proclaimed ‘top 500 worldwide’ mofo now wiz a legit perf career :dong:

Alzo randomly eliminatin da TRUCOMME in a random comp lazt yr

az membah of da jury :sunglasses:




Ahahahahahah fuckkkk diz ROCK mm nightwind :whale:

Quite pozz da #1 ROCK interp in zouth america

if u dun include brazil, chile or argentina :sunglasses:


Hahaha da Canadian rezpec fo da NOR privacy ruthlezzly RAPED by da MART :whale:

I iz actually zhor da NOR wudn gif a fuck about bein zeen here anyway :dong:


LOL diz revival. da SDC still ALIVE randomly. Respec tru :sunglasses:

da f*cking canadian!!! wut a legend!!!

da zepp still around k.



hahah yes da trucomme sadly 0 votes out of 5 :sunglasses:


Rezpec da_Nor :sunglasses:


I nevah drank much at all, only when I must - at social events to look non-assholish


I don’t get hammered much anymore, but it’s mostly because my friends don’t want to. I’d still be up for boozing on weekends, but no more clubs. I’m done with them.


Dafuk, diz offtopic tech