Taking a break from da DRAMA; a very interezting document for everybody!

Some gensui quotes:

“Chopin’s posthumous Waltz in E major: Too bad he didn’t destroy it!” —Paul Badura Skoda

“The op. 4 sonata has always seemed to me to be a very, very poor specimen; it‘s almost unbelievable that it came from Chopin‘s pen.” —Marc Andre-Hamlin

“The Schumann Toccata. I simply can‘t!” —Angela Hewitt

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Well no surprizez there :dong:


Damn, I wish it was longer with more peniszts and questions.

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haha da inzanely diplomatic :cn: mofo rezponze to da op 4 :sunglasses:

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We need da GAV and :snail: and Kaztle before we have da complete interview

Ahahahah he juz try to tranzlate “a bit zheeyat” into englizh :sunglasses: