Tchaik cuntestant liszt cummah




Da BROberg tru


Beisembayev Alim / Kazakhstan

da BORAT cummah :sunglasses:

Geniushene Anna / Russia

fuck!!! da GENSUIette :whale:


da YASHK hahaha!

Also, where da FUCK is da Dirana?
Ok, thank god I did not apply :sunglasses:

Daim da SHISHK n Gugnin

Dis gonna be wikid pozz


NOZTRADAzepp vil go ahead n predickt:

YAZHK :1st_place_medal: :sunglasses:


if u can win a cump wiz a TOT lyk dat

it mean no one can OUT-RIG yo azz :sunglasses:


Shishkin again? Does he really need that? I thought he has quite a career going already.


If diz mofo make finals, his comp will be 100% learnt


You can only make a good living playing concerts by getting an A-class management. He wants to get signed to a huge record label etc. completely understandable.

Wtf da Malofeev got signed to da TRIF management firm and still is doing dis comp?


Fuck I’ll miss all of it, travelling in Europe those weeks.


ahahahah i predickt hiz final cunc vil be

PIMP 1 :sunglasses:




ahahahaha i think derez an unwritten rule dat

to be da foremozt ruzzian mofo of yo generation u HAFF to win da TCHAIK (diz mean zole :1st_place_medal: not zhared or :medal_silver: wiz no firzt zheeyat awarded)

diz iz y

even when he cummit zub-zepp level random zenzelezz rape

da GAV vil alwayz be cuntzidahed a TOP MOFO

while da LUGY


juz anotha gud penizt :sunglasses:


There may be truth in dat…
But in da case of da Shish, he already tried 4 years ago and failed, but after that he won some majah other competitions. He’s already 27, the pressure to win this must be immense


Haha not as bad as being 28 and winning yo last comp when u wuz





inzpiration cummah :sunglasses:


At 29?!!!

But did he have a good-for-nothing spoiled GF to hold him back?!

Daim, rezpek da zepp!
Now being 28 dun seem so sheeyat!


Also, he was kinda hot back den:


ahahahah da DOC firzt wyf debatably ugliah den da HUI :sunglasses:

alzo FUCKKKKKKK da ‘$75,000’ firzt prize in 1985

diz lyk $20 million in todayz worthlezz papah :sunglasses:

REZPEC da DOC :doc: :moneybag:


Tru, roughly $356k tho spending powah is more complicated den dat.

But enough to retire fo life n go on a 10 year pilgrimage to seek out Suzu Ichinose in Japan.



Juz think how many cumpz da DOC had to do b4 finally winnin diz one

Altho in normal rep cumpz, tiz cuntceivable da DOC wud haff routinely zuffahed round 1 elimz againzt mofoz wiz cumplete rep of 1 rectal prog + 2 cuncz :sunglasses:


Sumhow, da best zheeyat is when u win a comp young n den hustle lyk crazy

Did da Diraña even apply?