Tchaik cuntestant liszt cummah


dayum da clazzic tindah pic vz real pic :sunglasses:




Is this group in Round 1 smaller than usual? Just 25? Dominated by Russians (10). 3 from China. 2 USA & 2 Canada. Only 1 Jap.


Of the 10 Russians I’ve heard 8. Malofeev is the most impressive though X has already talked through his (missing) qualities. I haven’t heard Arseni Mun or Konstantin Yemelyanov. Yashkin won TM’s shitty Bayreuth-Weimar Liszt Comp last year.


Putin has already decided dat Malbino gets 1st and no 2nd or 3rd will be awarded.


Is Nina his grandmother?


I guess diz iz him (zlightly different zpelling)



Da ROBBAH/WOOD clazzik cummah!! :sunglasses:




Some interesting facts:

Anna Geniushene is a wife of Lukas Geniusas

Arseny Tarasevich-Nikolaev’s grandmother was Tatiana Nikolaeva. He won 2nd prize in Sydney few years ago and got contract with Decca. Gugnin was 1st on that competition.

Andrey Gugnin will play Tchaikovsky PC 2 in the finale :sunglasses:




Daim! @DaTM can you explain how the feminine form of Geniusas is Geniushene or dis some random Lithuanian sheeyat? I know tiz not a Russian name, but for foreign names da female version dun change, tru? Mrs Neuhaus (or Pasternak) is still Neuhaus not Neuhausene or Neuhausa or sum sheeyat.


Tru, idk wtf dat is!

Usually for Russian names, add an A at da end to trannify a mofo

Michaella Kaykova
Daniella Trifonova
Doris Berezovskaya