Tha movie review thread


Holy shit. Da Berto needed to hold on a few months until diz #metoo stuff blow over. I’ll try and find conformist.


I think The Conformist was up in the filmclub earlier. I saw it about a year ago at Vlad’s recommendation.


and dis recommendation did not ride so well wid da X?


Oh no, I liked all the films you recommended then. My favourite actually was Harakiri/Seppuku though.


Oh I probably have it then, but forgot to watch it.


The second season is very different from the first but it’s pretty interesting, or rather there are some story lines which are interesting. The music choices are pretty good. There’s hardly any original music, so the composer just has to do random arrangements of pop songs, choose a bunch of Chopin pieces and the slow movement from Beethoven’s 7th, and watch the cheques roll in.


My flight back to Europe meant more enforced movie watching. Amongst the 300 selections available the only one I felt particularly inclined to watch was the incredibles 2 which was good. I then started on ‘crazy rich asians’. Wow talk about a crappy film; I reckon it was the worst movie I’ve seen in the last 5 years. Also, as someone with Singaporean-born parents I found it pretty offensive. I had to stop watching it halfway through.

The rest of the flight I was just listening to classical selections, they had a pretty good range. I actually liked Trifonov’s Liszt TEs, solid interps without any of the mannerisms which have crept into his playing already. Another sheeyat I listened to was Olga Sheps Tchaikovsky disc. Until recently, I’d legit forgotten all about this chick, who I’d first heard of around 2008 iirc. Her tech is like VBM’s; she has just enough to play the pieces she plays comfortably but she can’t push the tempi at all or the strain will be obvious. The Tchaik-Pletnev was nothing better than a student performance, with slow tempi due to her mediocre tech. She even managed to bore me during one of the pieces (which rarely happens). Why does this chick have a career? She’s not even that good looking anymore. Is she boning the CEO of Sony classical or something?


I saw ah-qua man coz it was agreed upon with a few friends. It’s good for DC which is a back-handed compliment. The acting is terrible and the movies rules seem a bit all over the place but it’s entertaining in the blockbuster sense.

I’ve tried a few times to like Incredibles more than I do, the last time I sort of enjoyed it. Pixar is Pixar so will watch 2 eventually. Favourite is still up although Inside out comes close.


I’ll probably go see aquaman with the Mexas when they’re all back in town. I’m not expecting it to be good, also I dislike both Amber Heard and Nicole Kidman. Incredibles 2 is about the same quality as the original, which means it’s worth watching once.


I’m so sick of this. The movie industry seriously need to find a way out of this pothole and start building on characters, interactions and a naturally captivating storyline which isn’t about saving the world. I’ve found the best middle road for me tends to be the 80s and early 90s. Earlier than that and you often have still more focus on story and characters, but on the other hand they tend to be rather drab and crippled technically; later than that and you have all these “cool” special effects starting to take precedence of everything.


Unless I’ve mentioned it already incidentally I continued my Turtles saga here with Ghostbusters. :gav: Now that’s good blockbuster movies!


Well yes, I meant entertaining in a wam-bam way and that I’m not in a hurry to see it again.

Nicole Kidman seriously looks like a plastic doll, but Amber Heard does have some cleavage in her costume. She just can’t act.

Saw Spider-man as well which is actually good. Definitely a unique look and take. Lord and Miller have generally been reliable. Makes me wonder what their Solo would have been like. (haven’t seen it, but haven’t heard good things)


Also, I really can’t wait for the super hero reign to end.
I was reading an interesting article in which the shift has gone from actor driven movies to ideas/concepts. Wouldn’t mind that if it was more than super heroes, remakes and Disney getting all the foreground.



This will be a rant, but I had a bit of an eye opener with this just last night. A local friend is a big fan of Vikings (the series) which I’ve sort of tagged along with - neither liking or disliking it - and we’ve just started watch the current season. Without spoilers there are three parallell stories there at the moment, where one deals with a psychotic king, one with a small faraway settlement, and one with a young king struggling to keep the crown on his head and his kingdom together. There is no doubt which is my favourite. The psychotic king falls somewhat in the modern blockbuster camp where characters feel stereotypical and the plot simplified and overblown. The settlement is the typical “series” where things mostly seem to happen for something to happen, whereas the young king is naturally captivating. You’re forced in to his mind, the carefully weighed decisions he must take, and you feel the stress and strains he’s subjected to. It’s a character you can’t help but relate to, judge, and ask yourself how you would have done in his position - all while the events that are unfolding feels at least somewhat organic and natural. That is the kind of film making I miss in modern big budget productions. They have instead rather gone in the porn route of development, where the film seems to center around the recurring action sequences with supporting interims in between. I’m not against the scenes per se, they fill a purpose, but when you can’t remember a thing about the actual movie two days later it’s clear they’ve either elbowed out any chance at telling a captivating story, or that they’ve been used to mask a thinly written script which never should gotten green light in the first place.


I wanna go see VICE. Has any u mofoz watched dat yet?




Maybe, I have the seventh seal in the pipeline with another friend now actually.

Not sure it’ll be for us though, we watched a Kurosawa right before Ghostbusters last week. All of us thought Ghostbusters was the better movie. :gav:


IMO that film is overrated. I know I’m being cynical but I also believe that it’s one of those films that people view and praise just because it’s praised by other people. He made better films. Try Autumn Sonata, one of his later ones.


Which one did you watch? Not that any are worse than Ghostbusters, but I’m curious.


Autumn Sonata is hard to watch as a pianist, I have to admit. Maybe for CJ something like Smiles of a Summer Night or the Virgin Spring might be a good intro. But personally, the only Bergman I don’t like is Persona.