Tha movie review thread


Have you seen the piano teacher?
Scene in that is a pianists nightmare. It’s also a pretty fucked up film.


No, I haven’t.


I have…and I successfully forgot about it until you juz bring it up


How can you forget da tissue scene. :tm:


…if there is a film called Sanjuro that was the one.


Of course. Though I hope you watched Yojimbo first. Not that they are directly linked, but I think if you watch Yojimbo first it makes for a better experience with Sanjuro.


I’m not sure actually, but I think Sanjuro was my first Kurosawa. I have seen Eastwood’s dollar trilogy though if that counts, one of which I think was based on a Kurosawa.


Tru, fistful was.
Haven’t watched them in ages but I seem to remember liking few dollars more the best even though obviously most praised is GBU.


Here is what I was talking about dudes. Christian Bale as dick Cheney lol. And Sam Rockwell Az W.


I still mean to look in to Bergman, and will get to it at some point in life, it’s just that the plots and the little I’ve seen from them have felt so dreary. I need something which sparks the imagination in film, or something which takes me outside of everyday life. I love historical films for instance, which I can happily watch even when they’re not that good as a movie, but I’m not yet adult enough to enjoy a film where the plot doesn’t interest me just because what is there is well made. I think Seventh Seal is a good introduction for me since it’s the only Bergman film so far which have generated some interest, both for the iconic scene, its historical setting, and since I’ve heard it deals with death. If I was to force myself on the Autumn Sonata there’s a good chance I’d just sleep through that as with Sanjuro here, never really generating any interest for what happens on the screen. But maybe one of these films after 7S, if I like what I see (which I think I will - it was on TV last year and the 15 minutes or so I saw were both captivating and well made, and left a better impression than when I saw it 20 years ago).


Belongs crossed with Visual Arts thread… an amazing Meditation upon Breugel’s 1564 painting The Way to Calvary. Like nothing else.


I watched that several years back. Very cool film.


That looks really interesting. I saw the animated van Gogh movie last year which (maybe) was something similar.


I saw Assassin’s Creed at the library in 3d and thought at the very least there might be some cool visuals in it.
Sat through it and absolutely no f’ing idea what happened. And the visuals were just irritating - cutting in between the 2 worlds in the middle of sequences.

I keep hoping for the 3d movie where shit is gonna pop out the screen. Are there any movies that actually utilise it? I’m not a fan of 3d generally but Gravity I thought was totally immersive on the big screen and did involve some outside screen stuff. Aside from that, it’s useless.


Just rewatched Robocop (original of course) for the first time in ages. Still holds up pretty well. I’m worried that I’m desensitising to the violence coz it wasn’t as bad as I remember (although I did cringe in a couple of spots). I agree with the film makers when they said after editing it 11 times to lose the x rating, the less you show, the more violent it becomes.
It is quite refreshing to actually see things (not constantly cut away) and hear people talk normally (ie. swear).
I always think I want to watch number 2 afterwards but then every time I do, I see how shit it is. (3 just don’t even bother anymore).


I saw the Favourite tonight. It was Ms Heels’ choice. The highlight was the use of the second movement of the Schumann piano quintet (most famously used by Bergman in his breathtaking opening of Fanny and Alexander), and the second movement of D960 in the last scene. There was also a lot of Baroque music, which I couldn’t identify. The movie itself was pretty average. It had a strong “All about Eve” vibe to it, for those of you who’ve seen that movie. Supposedly this has Oscar buzz around it, which shows what the Oscars are worth (nada). Performances were bof.


I thought the highlight would be Emma Stones boobs?


*boob, pretty sure you can only see the one. But it wasn’t a highlight.


Hahahaha this sounds hilarious :dong:


Three Billboards tonight. Man what a f’ed up movie. Every character is whacked! Hatable yet somehow pitied.
Also, the cute gf actress is from Adelaide!