Tha movie review thread


I knew she was Australian, but I didn’t know she was from Radz. Sia and the Lapaglias are from Adelaide as well. They’ve all either lost their accents or have that annoying hybrid accent like Nicole Kidman or the non-Chris Hemsworths. Three billboards is a hard movie to watch more than once, I reckon.


I never seen her before.
Teresa Palmer and Sarah Snook I know.
Sarah is in Predestination - that film will do your head in!


My latest are North by Northwest and………. eh, one more. NbNW was pretty good - very James Bondy - although I don’t agree with the exceedingly high IMDB rating. I have also downloaded Chris’ latest, but haven’t found time for it yet (has anyone else?).


Which film is that?
Btw, what did you think of the ending of NxNW? For me that match cut was just a horrible cheat.


Haha yes we laughed at that too. I don’t know… I thought it was pretty funny, anything after that would have been formalities anyway.

I can’t remember the title (of that either :zhredah:), but the latest one in Chris’ thread.


It’s just, why bother to do a (literal) cliffhanger if you’re just gonna shit on it like that? Non capisco.


Archie Leach is juzt too cool. :pimp:


Any of you mofoz checked out Free Solo? I think it won da Oscar for best documentary yeseterday. It’s about a mofo climbing El Capitan in California with no safety equipment. …diz mofo way in da zone


Super movie tonight: There will be blood (2007). It tells the story of an oil prospector in the early 20th C and his ruthless quest for wealth. It had a spectacular Daniel Day-Lewis in the lead role, and to my surprise I had never heard of either him or the movie before (the friend I watched it with had seen it twice). It’s hard to go in to further details without spoilers since the focus is on the main character whose life is intertwined with his personal development, but I think it’s the best movie I’ve seen this year. 8.1 from me IMDB style, trimming one tenth of the 8.2 it has there officially.


Oh, you’re in for a treat. Daniel Day-Lewis has had some spectacular roles. Quite likely the greatest living actor. I’ll post some of them, if you’re interested. Gangs of New York, Phantom Thread, Lincoln, The Crucible, My Left foot… each one a completely unique performance.


Fantastic movie, DDL at his best!


Yes please!


Sign up for a plex account and you’ll have 'em.


I saw TWWB in the cinema, and I thought it was shit. The ending was completely off the rails.


TWWB is one of my favorite films ever


For some reason I tie in TWBB (which I haven’t seen) with No Country For Old Men (which I have). No idea why. But the ending can’t be anymore wtf than NCFOM.


Mainstream male actor, perhaps. There is always Liv Ullmann.


Persona is one of my favourite films of all time, so I’d definitely agree with that. I’ve only seen maybe four other films of hers - guess I need to do some exploring.


I know Bergman was proud of that one, but I really didn’t like it.


This thread makes me wish I had time for a movie tonight, but I’ll be chained to my music backlog during free nights for quite some time yet.

Let me know what you think of North and South Aries. I love historical dramas and despite the series format and the early date I recognize the title from somewhere.