Tha movie review thread


Chris made Season 2 available. I remember watching the episodes on Austrian TV a long, long time ago (late 80’s) and had me glued on the TV and anticipated the episodes that followed. I watched a couple of mins from Chris’ server and it is still appealing, at least for me. The music has a Gone With The Wind vibe and I hope Chris would also upload season 1 and 3 so I can start (re)watching it from the very beginning and enjoy the build up of the relationship among the characters.


Cool Hand Luke (1967) tonight. It’s actually still running, but I’ve seen enough. I nearly always agree with IMDB but this has been like watching paint dry. It’s about some guy (Paul Newman) who keeps getting himself imprisoned, and the movie basically follows his life in prison. They dig some pits. They have an egg eating contest. They whistle over a girl who walks by. They kill a snake. For 2 hours. I can’t imagine how anyone would find this either good or interesting, but yet it has 8.1.

Oh well, the company has been nice at least. But definitely something more modern on screen next time.


You really don’t like that? Damn. I love Paul Newman. But my favourites are his buddy flicks with Robert Redford; Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Sting.


I have nothing against Paul Newman, but this movie felt like it relied on diverse cutscenes to keep the audience entertained. It did improve somewhat towards the end, but too little and too late to save it for me. Also the acting really wasn’t good - it felt “acted”, despite that Newman melted in well in his role well and George Kennedy in particular stood for some memorable scenes. Late Kempff as it were, character and competence but poor tech.


As much as I love Paul Newman I gotta agree with X on both the movie quality and IMDB ratings. I remember getting Cool Hand Luke on dvd a hundred years ago and being disappointed as fuck…


Films from this time are often hit/miss with me. They can be really well crafted and captivating in a way modern (blockbuster) titles rarely are, but they can also feel rather drab and dated. On the same theme as this movie there’s also the 1994 Shawshank Redemption, which I think is better in every way.


Paul Newman really liked that one, although I have to admit once was enough for me. It has the classic line “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate” which GnR used in Civil War.


Incidentally, I’m normally not following the movie scene at all but right now there are some things I’m looking forward to. First the new Terminator which will come this fall, which I’m interested in in a guarded way. T1 and T2 are among my all time favourite movies, but the others not really. Cameron is involved again here however, which is good, but what turned me off a little was the poster with three bad ass girls on the cover which makes me wonder if they’re turning this in to a PK feminist-friendly franchise à la Ghostbusters. Can be good anyway, but if that’s the agenda I’m suspicious about the sincerity and integrity of the script.

Then by Easter next year the sequel to the Passion of the Christ is due, which I’m also interested in. I saw PotC for the first time only last year, having passed on it earlier due to all comments about it being a torture movie, and I didn’t feel any differently really, but what people had failed to tell me was how gorgeous the cinematography was. I loved the tone of the film, and nearly always like the films Gibson has been behind, so here’s hoping.

Then another six months on I hope it’ll be time for Amazon’s LOTR series, for which I have the highest hopes (though I’m still prepared for that it could suck). Not interesting for me, but I think the first of the Avatar sequels are finally due around this time too.


Saw spiderman into the spider verse yesterday, was amazed at the beautiful animations and artwork, movie was quite good and funny in itself too. Highly recommended!


Such a good movie. Better than any of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, in my opinion.


I completely agree.
Edit: thanks for the plex btw. Streamed it straight onto a mate’s tv and it worked flawlessly. I still don’t understand why the rest of da guys prefer downloads.


It was just a lot of fun too - which is what I remember from cartoons and comics growing up. The Marvel films are all dark and gritty, which I don’t enjoy nearly as much.

As for plex, since it’s not the hit I’d hoped for, I’ll be canceling the server since I have no other use for it. Saves me $20 /mo. April 30 it’ll go offline, so get requests in while you can.


Speaking for myself, it’s just so I can watch stuff whenever; now, in 2 months, 5 years. For example, with Sharpe, each episode is movie length so it’ll take me a long time to get through. Watching it on Plex requires Chris to keep it on his server, which he can’t do indefinitely.


Well, the only reason I’ve heard Chris use for discontinuing it is that people don’t use it, so it’s kind of a self fulfilling prophecy when people don’t use it because he might discontinue it.
If you download a movie you can watch it on your pc. With plex you can see it wherever, on your phone, tablet, pc, your mate’s tv… It also remembers how far you got, so you can just jump right back in months later. It’s really just like netflix, only you get to choose the content.


I was happy to use it, and I did use it. But for my purposes that kind of flexibility in being able to watch things anywhere is not really necessary. I like the permanency of downloads, even if I use streaming services like Spotify, Idagio (need to cancel that), Amazon Prime and Netflix. I haven’t tried capping things on plex, but I might see I can so I can keep this copy of Sharpe.


I’d prefer not to have a say, but I have a slight preference for downloads as well. I like the saving option too (although at the moment I don’t have HDD space anyway), but for me it’s mostly that my internet connection probably wouldn’t handle streaming at higher bitrates, and I know friends would vote me down if I suggested streaming if we can get a better version off some movie site within 15 mins. Streaming has the advantage that it’s instant on the other hand - if I want to watch something here I have to plan ahead since downloading will take many hours. I don’t give that much for the accessibility however. I can stream anything I want from harddrive through chromecast just as easily, and if I want to bring a movie to a friend it’s exactly 15 seconds of work to put the file on my phone before I leave.

But again - no strong opinions in either direction, especially not if you can add subtitles to the streams as well (I don’t need Swedish ones, but English ones are nice to have).


No need. I can just give you direct DL links.


Since I’m here btw, I’ve kept watching Daniel Day Lewis movies with a friend and returned from another here an hour or two ago. We brought together the whole crew for Gangs of New York a week back, but none of us were that crazy about it actually. I thought it felt a bit theatrical, and I didn’t like the tone of the film. I thought it improved dramatically towards the end however - it’s maybe one I should watch again some time.

Tonight we saw The Crucible, which we’ve saved since we were rather put off by the trailer, but we both really liked it. My friend was very excited afterwards and even went as far as to say it was one of the best films he had ever seen. I thought it was engaging all the way through, and we talked about it (or the witch processes rather) for I’d guess about an hour afterwards. For the second time in a row it’s actually a case where I disagree rather strongly with IMDB. I usually only differ with 0.1 or 0.2, but I thought 7.8 somewhere felt more appropriate than the 6.8 it had there. The only thing about it was that I got the feeling of a 90s TV series somehow in how it was filmed. I guess it was done on a pretty low budget and/or with cheap cameras.

DDL keeps coming off strongly. I think he has a tendency to go over the top a bit (as did Ryder in The Crucible), but I don’t mind so much, and as Chris said above something which is really striking is the three completely different characters I’ve seen him do now - which yet have all felt believable and with a ton of personality to them. By contrast I think most other actors make a living largely by just being themselves in every movie. Next in line now is The Last of the Mohicans, which I’m sure I’ve seen but which the friend I’m watching these with has been lobbying for.


I really liked GoNY, but it’s pretty heavy so I think once was enough for me. It’s funny watching DDL play a character who hates the Irish. Leo was great in that one too.


Yeah, in all honesty DiCaprio left an even better impression than DDL there. I’ve kept seeing him as this cute, overhyped boy star ever since the 90s, but he’s really good, and more serious than most over there.