Tha movie review thread


Borrowed a load of movies of my cousin but nothing above okish atm.
Creed 2 was not too bad, pretty formulaic but the last fight had a bit of kick to it. Drago was the most interesting character I thought.
Fantastic Beasts 2 was shite. Muddled and dull.
Started on Sicario 2 but don’t think I’ll finish it; those sort of movies aren’t for me. I did make it through the first one which was good but something I wouldn’t watch again.


Great, thanks - I’m finally going to watch 1 tonight.


I finally watched Creed 2 a few weeks back. Wish I hadn’t. Really didn’t need to be made.

Southpaw is better overall, imo. Better than Creed 1 too.


I just saw Captain Marvel. I thought it was fine, but probably don’t need to see it again. I like Brie Larson; she has this Summer Glau-esque man-eating quality that I like. Too bad they both have little girl voices. The movie was a bit too comic book for me overall.


I thought it was their usual average fair, nothing special.
I am curious to see if endgame lives up the hype coz lord have they hyped it.


I think it will be the same, average. I liked in CM that they let Ben Mendelssohn speak in his regular Australian accent.


I think most are average but did think infinity was pretty good.

How come mendelson has become the resident bad guy of late?


Hahah why da fuck doez BRU think endgame vil be average? :whale:

Da Avengerz moviez iz zhorly da place fo marvel to unleazh deir pure A-game


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:whale: harzhly zl*w wiz inbox


All of these movies feel on the same level; none really stand out for me. That’s one of the reason I liked Wonder Woman, because it didn’t feel as strongly « comic book » as the Marvel or other DCEU films.


Well there’s a lot of super hero movie fatigue going around at the moment but as formulaic as they are, it’s a great entertaining formula.

I mean if we saw endgame 10 yrs ago we would be blown away, but now expectations are set and they have to continue trying to up their game.


Da bezt zupahero movie is da unbreakable :sunglasses:

Da new zumwut-zequel zheeyatz watchable but a bit ghey :zhredah:


Clearly; they’ve made a shit ton of money from these films. Captain Marvel made over a billion dollars. That’s ridiculous considering how mediocre the movie was. Then again, da highest grossing sheeyat of all time is da Avatar, which juz dun make any sense to moi. Haha basically, I iz az bad at predicking which movies will make mo money, az I am at predicking who will win a piano comp. :sunglasses:


Recently got into watching movies I’d missed over the last couple yrs.

Best one I’ve seen this week was

Very satisfying revenge/vigilante film.

Nothing revolutionary but Garner was very convincing at two crucial parts of this movie - genuine emotion in the form of mourning and fury, and badass action.


I only just found out that Bibi Andersson died earlier this week, so I will probably watch some Bergman in her honour. Maybe Smiles of a Summer Night or the Seventh Seal.
Edit: maybe Seventh Seal; she’s barely in Smiles of a Summer Night, now that I think about it.


7th Seal is on the to-watch list with a friend here as well, but he keeps voting it down. Next for me is the 1971 King Lear Chris uploaded. I meant to start it tonight, but I might as well admit I’m a chronic workaholic.


The Seventh Seal is probably my second or third favourite Bergman film, but you need to take it as an allegory otherwise you’ll be like “why da fuck is Death playing Chess on the beach with some random medieval Knight?”.


For the first time in my life I keep having issues with IMDB. The Professor and the Madman (2019) tonight - which was superb. It centers around the creation of the first thorough (?) dictionary of the English language in the late 1800s, through which the burdened academic leader of the project finds a soulmate in one of its contributors. The movie is only seemingly about what it’s about, but it has three plot threads which are carried by Mel Gibson as an Oxford University professor, Sean Penn as a mentally ill military captain, and Natalie Dormer (of GoT fame I was told) as an impoverished widow, and they were woven together so beautifully in to a tale I thought was both captivating and gripping. I began the film by declaring I had never thought Sean Penn was anything special, but he didn’t need many minutes here to turn me in to a fool. He was absolutely outstanding - really DDL level stuff. Gibson and Dormer were great too, even if the latter didn’t have the same chance to brilliance as her male counterparts (and Gibson of course did what he does best - he was Mel Gibson).

I choose to be thin on the plot details in case any of you plan to see it, but this had what I think is so rare in AAA Hollywood movies. Glorious, eye popping production, but yet relying not on tits, exploding cars and cool clothes but on good old fashioned script craftsmanship and story telling. And it has a message too, which came across and which I think is so important. All things put together I didn’t think it was fantastic, but IMDB’s 7.5 does feel low. A solid 7.9 from me, and second only to There Will Be Blood among the movies I’ve seen this year.


I’ve never even heard of that movie. I hate Mel Gibson for being an anti-semite, but he has done some good things (e.g. Gallipoli which would’ve been an appropriate choice today).