Tha movie review thread


I really don’t understand that at all. Still, I separate art and life so it doesn’t detract me from his movies, and I’ve always really liked what he’s done - as a director almost more than as an actor (though him playing his usual character was more observation than criticism).

Haven’t seen Gallipoli though. I’m a bit war-weary at the moment since I’ve seen so many movies and documentaries about the WWs of late, but I’ll try to get to that later in the year.


I find some things easier to separate then others. I don’t like Gibson enough to overlook his prejudice.


ahahahah da GIBZON bezt work iz da APOCALYPTO

da zepp vil c one movie in da theaterz diz yr:



Endgame a decent meh from me. The last half hour gets a rush but pretty slow before as obviously there’s a lot to set up and finish off.
Don’t see what the whole this won’t go how you think is, it pretty much did.
Pozz more disappointing coming after infinity coz I liked that.


Okay, I better revise my expectations down then, because I didn’t think Infinity war was anything special.


Completely agree, I loved that one as well.

Not heard of Detective Pikachu, but that’s how it usually is with me and movies. I hadn’t heard of the Prof/Madman until last night either.


Haha. I have now heard of Detective Pikachu. :zepp:



Tru inztant Ozcar material :sunglasses:


The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018) tonight.

I don’t know… waste of time. Six brief western stories, one more shallow than the other. Good as casual/lightweight stuff to have on as an excuse to get together and uncork a new bottle of whisky though, which is what we did. Also plus points for casting Liam Neeson - love him, and haven’t seen him in a movie in years.


I’m very hit and miss with Coen Brothers. Actually mostly (big) hit with Big Lebowski and miss with everything else but this did sound interesting.


da vlad will unceremoniously interject that a fine film will further complement your whisky rather than this sort of tosh


Quite true, but we were a large gang in a merry mood last night so I meant that the film just served as quasi-casual/humorous backdrop while we chit-chatted, commented, etc. A good movie wouldn’t be a social thing in the same way, since everyone would be absorbed by the tv screen.


Yeah, this was the first time I (knowingly) watched one of their films. Not quite what I hoped.

A positive thing to say about the film though was - as usual with modern big budget films - that the production and cinematography was superb. Really beautifully done. The stories though, none of them really had a plot, it was just three or four sequential events in the day or week of a character and then it ended. Well except one perhaps, but as a group they were extremely shallow and simplistic, not to say downright uninteresting.


No Country for Old Men, and Fargo are both among the great modern films. O Brother, Where Art Thou is just shy of greatness. Burn After Reading, while not as good, is hilarious and definitely worth watching.

The Big Lebowski is a classic, tru.


Each of their films is interesting, for sure.

They seem to intentionally avoid anything formulaic or standard tropes, quite quirky film making.

I’ve not found any of them to be particularly moving or exciting or provided me with any emotional reason to remain attached to them as classics.

As formulaic and blockbustery as Terminator 2 was…it remains an absolute fucking classic because it was super exciting, thrilling, and growing attached to the Terminator was one of the most moving experiences I’ve had in film. One of few movies I’d give an unreserved 10/10.

I suppose my point is that for some reason - formula works with me, tropes exist for a reason. And the best films for me are those that retell a classic formula in a convincing exciting and moving way.


Dead tired, but I saw No Country For Old Men tonight. This was something else entirely. Really good, and my view of the Coen brothers is back on par with their reputation again.


Except with the most wtf ending ever.


It is a MASTERFUL piece of cinema. And if you’ve read any Cormac McCarthy, you’ll see they captured the tone of his writing beautifully.


I wish really wish somebody would tackle Blood Meridian


I saw this tonight. Pretty bof in my opinion, but I’m not a huge comic book movie fan overall, even if I’ve seen a lot of them over the years. I didn’t like that they kept Thor looking like Jeff Lebowski the entire movie, but I’m glad they didn’t let Brie Larson walk away with the film in the name of “girl power”.