Tha movie review thread


Captain Marvel is borderline annoying for me.
But yeh, I thought it would be her/thanos showdown given they’re both basically invincible…


hahahahah moz recent zheeyat i zaw in theatrez wuz “Uz” directd by jordan peele

twuz a gud zheeyat, n cool idea, mo zci-fi or weird than horror

wud recommend :rectum:

alzo juz noticd hiz otha movie “get out” juz zhowd up on tha netflix zo vil probably rewatch at zum point :sunglasses:


U zeen diz X?



Nope. My latest here is this mighty thriller:


ahahah deze two moviez cud make a gud

‘in n out’ double feacha :sunglasses:


Da bezt zwedizh movie iv eva zeen

N alzo

Da ONLY zwedizh movie iv eva zeen


I’m normally not too fond of Swedish movies. My favourites if anything are the old 80s comedy/family movies Jönssonligan. I saw one about the early life of author Astrid Lindgren earlier this year however which was good.

There is Bergman of course… who I tried to look in to as a teenager but didn’t like at all. One of these days I will return to him, and the 7th Seal very soon since it’s on the watch list with a friend here.


I haven’t seen too many Swedish films, aside from Bergman. But one I did like a lot was My Life as a Dog.

Låt den rätte komma in was pretty good, but not really my thing.


This pretty good movie.


@iamcanadian Could I please have a copy of Withnail and I again? I didn’t have the hard drive space to d/l it last time, but now I’ve wiped my HD. Thanks.


Also has this film made it to DVD / copy yet?