Tha movie review thread


I still recommend Dunkirk though! I really liked that one. Tense.


Maybe I’ll download it and watch it this weekend.


i agree with the theatre, I have friends that go by themselves and it’s just weird to me. To each their own I guess. I have a hidef set up at home, so I don’t feel a disservice to the media if i watch a film in the comfort of my own recliner. Definitely watch dunkirk if you have a decent set up though, really intense atmosphering and setting.


‘you were never really here’ was fantastic


I have Dunkirk sitting on the bench, waiting to get around to it.
I watched Fist Fight the other day - it’s trashy and the ending is ridiculous, but more cheap laughs than I expected. Ice Cube plays a good wise guy.

Didn’t think Deadpool 2 was anything amazing.

I’ve been to the cinema myself a few times, mostly coz when I’ve got time to kill so I’ll go.


Saw wonder woman the other day.

  1. Gal is very hot and charming.
  2. Movie was flawed and boring.



  1. True
  2. I think it was good for the genre, it wasn’t exactly Citizen Kane but I enjoyed more than all the other DCEU movies and most of the Marvel ones too.

They’re filming the sequel at the moment. I don’t really know much about it except that it’s set in 1984 and Chris Pine is in it. Maybe tonight I will go see a movie by myself. It is a barrier I really wanna break, the next one is going to restaurants by myself (that I’ve only managed when I’ve been travelling).


Getting too lazy to cook for myself broke that barrier rather easily lol


Haha I feel like when it breaks, the floodgates will have opened.


Let’s just say the nearby diner treated me like family for a while :sweat_smile:


Ah fuck, I didn’t break either barrier tonight. I randomly fell asleep but just woke up. Oh well, there’s always next week.


I have no desire to break the solo theatre thing lol but I totally get the spontaneous slumbering thing. I had an entire week off work to do things around the house and well… didn’t hahaha

watched Ant Man n Not last night. Entertaining, science is severely flawed but, no relativity, but it had some funny moments, even some self deprecating moments on account of it’s flawed science… actually not sure how I felt about that lol long story short it was a marvel movie. good enough.


I’m extending this thread to tv shows since I never seem to go to the movies.
I just started watching Master of None, because I have Netflix (and Amazon Prime) but never watch them. I like it; I used to have a similar sense of humour, but it doesn’t work with my non-native English speaker friends. They just don’t get these sorts of jokes. Randomly, are Americans really this focused on race?


I hardly watch TV anymore. I think the only show I’ll watch is Fool Us but never even sure if that’s still going.

Just saw Mi6. Don’t think it’s the best of the bunch, but decent. Good to see old school non-cgi movies still getting made - He honestly has a death wish coz some of that stuff is bonkers!


I’ve never heard either of those. Are these on free to air ?
I’m on season 2 now, and he’s in Italy, speaking Italian. How serendipitous.
Harshly, he speaks it better than me. :whale:


You don’t Mission impossible?

Fools Us is a magic show with Penn and Teller. Magicians come on and if they P&T cab’t figure out how they did the trick, they let them perform in Vegas.


Oh. Actually I’ve never seen any of the mission impossible movies.
Is Teller talking in this one or is he still doing the Harpo Marx schtick?


He talks to Penn, but not audibly.
If you like magic shows, it’s fun I think.


Randomly, this Italian girl in season 2 is ridiculously hot. My boy’s text game is as weak as TM’s, however.