Tha movie review thread


So much cringe. No wonder he got #metoo’d. :tm:


Watched The Meg last night, pretty cheeky the whole way through. Not quite Sci-Fi channel levels of bad, but bad enough to be good. One major plot hole I found, tons of abused physics. One jump scare actually got me, or maybe it was the wine lol


Oh man, that film looks terrible :whale:


I’ve been on a retro binge of sorts of late. First a well known Swedish series from the 70s, followed by a re-watch of T2 (got damn it still holds up, almost 30 years and 492 views later) and yesterday the first four episodes of Youtube’s new Cobra Kai series, which continues the 80s Karate Kid saga. A little too early to review the latter yet, but I like it so far - as did the friend I watched it with - even though it is lazy Saturday night entertainment.


I agree T2 is still amazing, and I really like the first one too. The others don’t exist. :dong:


I saw the entirety of Cobra Kai on a free trial of YT Red. It’s entertaining for what it is as X mentions, but I don’t think I’ll pay to watch the next installment of the series. There’s nothing else remotely worth my time on YT Red and the only real benefit is not having to click through to skip commercials on regular videos.


We stole it
If only after Google had rejected both our credit cards when we tried to sign up


I actually don’t mind T3 and Genesys but maybe coz I’m a big Ahnuld fan. Salvation suck-didley-ucked.

I just watched Prince of Thieves for I think the second time ever. Man it’s a murky movie. Quite dull/gloomy for it’s time (not as as things now) but at least Alan Rickman hams it up. Also realised where Men in Tights stole 90% of it’s parody from.


Oh, I’ve got to watch that again too. Although last I saw it I remember I actually thought it was Rickman and that witch which spoiled it!


Emelia Clarke looked really hot in Genesys, apart from that I thought it was rubbish. I loved Men in Tights. There are a number of Mel Brooks films I still need to see, e.g. the producers and young frankenstein.


…to my not-so-little astonishment I just noticed there were TWO high profile Robin Hood films debuting in 1991, the other a British production with Uma Thurman as Lady Marion. Have any of you seen it?


Haha, I just googled Marion to see if that was the correct spelling, and it turns out this is google’s officially endorsed version of how she looks. :smiley:


Ah that’s from the Disney version, which was the first I ever saw. I’d like to rewatch that.


Couldn’t they have taken a shot from the actual cartoon though? From her official photo now you’d think the CGI of 1991 would never have been advanced enough to portray her accurately. :smiley:


I don’t know… Apparently critically acclaimed, but :lib:


I finished the second season. Without wanting to spoil it (the ending is ambiguous anyway), the romance between Dev and Francesca is pretty unrealistic. In real life, this chick would just string him along and the dude would be hopelessly friendzoned. Mostly because he’s too available and not good looking enough. :chop:


He does seem like he’s in a different movie but it’s the most entertaining part.

I have seen that other Robin Hood but too long ago to remember.
Disney (coz of Peter Ustinov’s prince john - hilarious!) and Errol Flynn still the way to go.

Men In Tights is easily my favourite Mel Brooks. Blazing Saddles has it’s moments and I didn’t mind Histoy of the World. The inquisition number was amusing I seem to recall.


Hehe yes, he’s so over the top theatrical - quite a contrast to the maybe underwhelming but much more natural Kevin Costner. Apparently removed from HBO just weeks ago. Damn! (though I know I have it on DVD somewhere)

Love Flynn as well. Robin Hood has never been that happy to be on camera, and even the castle walls tremble when his mighty gang ride past them!


I need to watch Errol Flynn’s! I’ve never seen any of his movies.


It’s great - it has to be one of the earliest colour movies, I think it pre-dates WW2. With modern eyes it is borderline comedy though - every actor is an Alan Rickman, and being on camera is the most fun they’ve ever had.