Tha movie review thread


Exactly! It’s fun! Everything has to be bleak nowadays!
It’s the same director as Casablanca.

Apparently Errol was quite well endowed as befits his ladies man status. (And an Aussie :slight_smile: )

Just re-watched Men in Tights. Still funny. Love the Sheriff of Rottingham!
I also forgot Spaceballs for my Brooks list! Classic lines!

Jai Courtney has the charisma of a stone, so loses points for him but I dind’t mind it.
For some reason, I don’t find Emilia Clarke that attractive. On a bit of a Kate Beckinsale high atm (no pun intended…or maybe…). She’s getting better with age.


The Flynn one also has the Korngold score.


Not only that but why has everything got to be so overblown in proportions? It feels like every AAA movie out there is either about superheroes or involves a plot to save the world - preferably both combined. The Swedish series I mentioned earlier followed the life of a man turned soldier in the heavily impoverished Swedish countryside in the late 1800s. If this was done today an alien would have to invade the parish in episode 5, or he would have to find out he’s da SUPAH FARMAH late in episode 1 to get a production green light. But here it was about small things like how to survive winter when the cow has died, coping with infant death, and seeing your childhood friend turn an alcoholic - all while things slowly get better as you work yourself through life. Admittedly still definitely bleak, but done with tiny narrative tools by today’s standards and it was so refreshing to watch.


On the other hand, he has a pretty wikid name. 8)
Emilia is British hot.


ahahahaha man im lookin forward to tha amazon 3 body problem adaptazheeyat if that evah cummah
:dong: :dong: :dong: :dong:

a gud zheeyat and i haff only read tha firzt book; tru apparently tha zecond book iz even mo inzane and on an even biggah zcale zumhow :lib:


Yes, I’m really curious on what the series will be about. Prequel to LOTR apparently, and if that means as far back as an earlier age things will most definitely be on a larger scale in this adaption. But I’d guess it probably won’t, I’m expecting a bridge between Bilbo and Fellowship of the Ring so they can keep more of the celebrity characters.

I’ll know within a split second once the trailer is released if I’m interested or not, but I hope it’ll be good, and I above all hope they won’t turn it into a mindless Hollywood action movie. It’s such a beautiful tale, and it’s escapism at the highest level. I’ve grown old enough that I’m even curious on what kind of adaption Christopher Tolkien had in mind. :kan:


Finally saw Prince of Thieves tonight. Awesome. :dong: 90s vibes all over it, including the Sheriff listening to medieval rock music when idle.


I saw Bohemian Rhapsody tonight. I’m not a huge fan of biopics as a genre, but I thought this one was well done. I like Queen a lot too. It feels like the first movie I’ve seen in the cinema in a while.


I like Queen but don’ go nuts over them. Don’t quite get the hype.

Just watched Grand Piano. Oh man, if he wasn’t going to play the notes, they could have at least taught him how to move properly. His arms do some seriously weird sheeyat.
The movie is ok, some tense moments but I like Phonebooth better which basically employs the same scenario.
Curious if there are sheets to ‘la cinquette’, the so called hardest piece ever. Though most certainly a midi.


I haven’t seen anything in weeks now. I often watch movies with two local friends here, but I’ve been gaming with one of them instead during the autumn and all movie time with the other has gone in to Outland Rambo we’re still working our way through. Next in line however - when I can decide - is a long list of Tony films I’ve created I’ll try to crop off during the winter months.


Haha Rambo is pozz worse than Outlander. JK I saw the first one, it’s not bad. There’s not a lot of good movies out at the moment. Luckily, most of the times my friends and I try to see a movie we end up getting wasted at a bar somewhere instead.


what’s Rambo? Have they made a tv series now?


Nah, I presume he’s taking about the movies. I suppose I shouldn’t say anything about outlander considering I spent the evening watching this (but everyone already knew I was lame):

When I was a kid, Ringo Starr wasn’t the drummer for the Beatles, but the dude who narrated this show.


Okay da mozt genzui movie I’ve seen lately iz I, Tonya

ALSO…any mofo haznt c Elvis vz Nixon must abzolutely check diz out. tiz on moi 5 year moz genzui liszt at leazt


Anyway, on da other forum I pozt on, i recently came across an interesting poll.

Best Vietnam war movie: Platoon or Apocalypse Now?

Now many fake film goofs immediately went fo AN, simply because they didnt undahztand da queztion…and are faggotz

Da VOL was immediately in da camp of da better film iz Apocalypse Now, BUT Platoon is a better Vietnam war film.

Tru it was kind of a paradox until I recently rewatched both films. Apocalypse Now is so good and so beautifully shot. Platoon cant hold a candle to some of the cinematography but it is the best war film ever made.



I randomly haven’t seen Platoon, but I know I should. AN is good, I couldn’t watch it twice however. My favourite war movie is Full Metal Jacket. I even like the second part which everyone always hates on.


I haven’t seen AN but Platoon is something I wouldn’t watch again, good as it is.
A review I read clearly placed Platoon as the better movie so who knows :zcholah:


The other problem with AN is it’s so damn long (and I probably watched the extended cut or some sheeyat).


Just watched Justice League again coz I like to give movies I meh-ed at a second chance. It’s just so meh…not as agravazing as BvS but…meh. And why don’t they speak in prose? It’s not a freakin play.

Watched Big Lebowski yesterday, dang that’s a funny movie. Cracking dialogue!