Tha movie review thread


Right, I saw Full Metal Jacket last night inspired by this thread. I was sure I had seen these Vietnam movies, but this one was actually new. We’ll watch Platoon and Apocalypse Now over the next few weeks as well.

Tru, Big Lebowski is on my list as well.


What did you think of FMJ? The Big Lebowski is my favourite Coen bros film. John Goodman in particular was hilarious in that, but so were Jeff Bridges and Steve Buscemi.


Very good, but a little weird. We talked through parts of it, but it felt like two movies with the extended locker room scene in the beginning which even had its own ending. No idea how it compares to Platoon and Apocalypse Now - I’m almost sure I’ve seen them, but maybe not in this millenium (though that’s what I thought about FMJ as well).

Big Lebowski is a favourite with another friend here, and knowing I haven’t seen it he’s suggested it for like 10 years now, but we’ve always picked something else since he’s seen it and I’ve decided it’s not for me based solely on the title. I know exactly nothing about it. But one day!


It’s not really a movie you watch for the plot.



I thought it was a 1970s Seinfeld kind of thing


Even I couldn’t watch JL twice. And BvS I just watch the WW parts. I think they’ve given up on the DCEU now and will just to solo movies. Aquaman will be out soon, and I’ll go see it. WW2 has been pushed back to June 2020. Fuck!


da fuck iz WW mean?? (plz dont tell me wonder woman :dong:


I piss myself at that scene everytime. And just got pointed out how placid the dude is yet after every conversation with Walter, he’s blown his kid haha yet their best friends.


hahaha tru diz zcene! especially when he explain how much donnie love zurfing randomly


n alzo right befo he die when Walter say “help is choppering in”


Haha Walter’s the best. I might watch this tonight.


Jebus, that’s an unfortunate typo…


Hitchcock’s “The Birds” tonight. What a weird movie. I really liked the first half of it - well made and with a kind of Bond film feel to it without the action - but once the birds started taking over narrative and everything just went down the drain. The ending too… seriously?

Nevertheless left me in the mood for more Hitchcock. We’ll try to see a few more of his high ranked movies during the winter. I’m not sure, but I don’t think I’ve even seen Vertigo or Psycho.


Vertigo is the greatest. Let me know if you need a copy.


It’s so famous I think we should just be able to nick it off Pirate Bay. Thanks though!


check out Rear Window az well


Exactly, we looked him up on Wikipedia which said Rear Window, North by Northwest, Vertigo and Psycho were often ranked as among the best films ever made. I might have seen Psycho… but probably not the others. We said we’d try to see all four during the winter here.


Randomly me and da ex planned an :gman:amateur remake of rear window before we bounced our separate ways. The view out the rear window of our Brooklyn apt was so genzui similar to dat. We even story boarded that shit out :gman:


Rear Window is my most watched Hitchcock. I love that one. My favourite is probably Vertigo, but it’s so heavy that I can’t watch it very often. North by Northwest is okay, but the ending matchcut is just a gigantic cheat. Strangers on a Train is good too, but again pretty heavy. I like To Catch a Thief too but my favourite Grace Kelly is Rear Window. I don’t think I’ve seen any of his British era films. I actually find Psycho to not be as heavy as either Vertigo or Strangers on a Train.


North By northwest is my favourite. I like Archie Leach Cary Grant. Watched Charade the other night, Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn is like cool overload. And Mancini awesome theme tune.