whut TV zheeyatz iz u watchin?


Good idea Brew! you won’t be dizzapoint



I’ve finished the first season of BWE, taking it slow (usually just watch the whole sheeyat virtually in a row).
Good sheeyat, HBO rarely dizappoint.
Took me a little while to realise dat da Mrs Schroeder is Diane from Trainspotting.

I watched a few more eps of Homeland, man diz sheeyat becoming unwatchable. And I actually agree with da Rob’s assessment; claire danes’ character iz annoying az fuck!


hahahah tru!

n yet it one a :gold: globe tha otha night i think :gav:


tru i ztarted the walking dead

gore scenes are epic, the rest is kinda boring. reminds me a LOT of lozt


yeah da golden globes don’t mean sheeyat.
Neither do da oscars or grammys.
Maybe da Nobel prize but not da literature or peace one (need to be :zhreddah: or :democrat: to win).


hahah da Archer season 4 is gonna be on FX soon, Jeff iz excited 8)


da arrezted development zheeyat random zeason 4 frum 6 years aftah it getz cancelled haz a date, now. tiz cummin diz May.

nuthin elze in my life matterz except diz.


Bloody hell, it’z only juzt ztartin here! Diz lookz interezting tru, any good?


As corny as the saying goes, imagine the coked-out Charlie Sheen as 007. With some messed up quasi-Oediqus complex with his mother (staring Jessica Walter (Lucille) from Arrested Development), then you are getting halfway to the full awesomeness of the show.

Also, Arrested Development (allegedly) on Netflix in May!!! Fuck yea.


yeah this is actually happening, so excited.
I wonder how they’ll do it, since the original show finished many years ago.


hahaha randomly watchin hannibal

very gud, but dizappointd when i wuz gonna watch it tonight becuz apparently they pulld ep 4 and juz zkippd to ep 5 due to zum offenzive content in light of recent tragediez

fucking networkz

ztill incredibl acting by tha mofo who playz hannibal tho; laurence fizhburn pozz not az much but pozz that iz becuz he vil alwayz be morpheuz 8)

robbahmended :gav:


Only thing I have time to watch atm is GoT.
This season is pretty good although they’re starting to depart from the books a lot more.
can’t wait for the RW in ep 9, should be bad ass.


Yeah, GOT has been fairly awesome this season, and the changes from the book are on the whole, improvements at least from the point of having them translate to the screen.

Plus dis scene :whale: :whale: :whale: :whale:



ep4 :doc:




hahahah dang tha VOL randomly providez! rezpec vil check it out latah; tru i ztartd GoT lyk 2 weekz ago, ztartin zeazon 3 latah tonight :gav:

abzolutley inzane :kan:


Fuuuuuu Arrested Development is back today!
I can’t wait, I hope it’s good!

also we have the RW in GoT, epic TV day.


I ztarted da Houze of Cardz out of boredom
hu watch diz zheeyat? :stop:


i watchd 3 or 4 epz n got bored :gav:


fuck diz new AD like watching Go.