whut TV zheeyatz iz u watchin?


Anyone else watching The Strain?
Tru Guillermo del Toro sheeyat. Respectable style.


Better Call Saul is actually better than BB pozzibly

Alzo i wuz excited to see tha TD trailer with colin farrel moustache

…and then anyway, did anybody else ruin their azz on GoT for tha next month with those leaked eps?


haha I downloaded them but in the end I decided to only watch one a week.


tru i zkipped the leakage, just watching 1 a week is more fun

and better quality.




been binge-watchin da parkz and rec. Tru pretty hilariouz sheeyat.


imdb.com/title/tt2679042/?re … _cap_pri_2

da ROBBAH 8) :gav:


I dloaded the entire Smallville coz reminiscing but after a month and a half I hit da wall almost near da finish line and haven’t been able to watch it since.
So I’m watching Body of Proof in french. :dong:


MANIAC on netflix

tru ep 7 n 8 were fairly ztupid but ovahall i lyk thiz zeriez

what zheeyatz are u mofoz watching? :lib:


I juz ztartd zeazon 2 of Ozark


I finally finished smallville either his year or late last year. I’m not watching any new series at the moment.


Outlander :blush:


Bruh, I am disappoint. I watched like 5 episodes of the first season and couldn’t stand it anymore. Ms Heels loves it, though.


Haha, I dunno, I sort of got trapped. What I like about it is that it’s all through the eyes of woman, plus I’m a sucker for any well made historical production if it’s WW2 or earlier (for those who don’t know it Outlander is largely Scottish 18thC highland culture). But it is romance, and not the usual manly stuff.


The thing that annoyed me is she forgot all about her husband in like 3 episodes. Women are perfidious. :sunglasses:


I ztarted watching Fresh off the boat which somewhat amused me.
I really like Fool Us atm, except Alison Hannigan looks forever like a teenager.



da mart iz confuzed :sunglasses:


hahahaha truly i m not zhor eitha :sunglasses:


And smallville is better?!


than outlander? Is this even in question?