whut TV zheeyatz iz u watchin?


Haven’t seen outlander. Smallville though, it was ok before dinner after grade school when we had 3 channels, but there are surely more worthwhile things to watch nowadays.


No doubt, I watched seasons 1-5 in high school as they aired then didn’t watch it for 10 years. Randomly decided to revist it in 2015 for nostalgic reasons but left off the last 6 or so episodes until recently.


Brew did you get anywhere with Black Mirror earlier?


Nope. I really like it, but it’s too heavy. TV is one the one thing I watch just to unwind, not for edification.


I’m looking for something to watch now. This sounded interesting when you talked about it earlier, and it recently came up somewhere else as well. I haven’t looked in to it at all however, I just know it’s the title of a series.

Vikings starts again in a couple of weeks which a local friend is hyped for, but I don’t know… It was never great to begin with, and by now at season 6 or something like that it’s starting to feel a bit watered down.

If I don’t find anything, I’m gonna have to continue with Outlander. It’s for girls of course, clearly against my will, but what can I do. :wink:


I think you’d like BM. At least the chick in outlander’s hot, from what I remember.


I love Outlander, it really is an outstanding show.


Decently, she’s a bit old for peak hotness. But that’s not really what it’s about, it’s this thing we’ve probably all imagined how it would be like (and how we’d react) if were placed in a different time. it’s also oddly cozy and relatable. Plus the beautiful scenery, the roman… eh, I mean THE MANLY ATTITUDE of the main character. The cool cars of the 1940s, of course. That’s what it’s about.


rememba fo tha black mirror that all the epizodez r ztand alone zheeyatz

i wud recommend “tha entire hiztory of u” pozz az tha bezt one, or tha chriztmaz one, or tha zan junipero one
zum r not az gud az othahz but thoze 3 are tha bezt imo :lib:


Thanks Rob, I’m normally too restless to watch film/TV alone but I’ll suggest we give one of these a try next time it’s movie night with one of the homiez and we’ll see what happens.


tha MANIAC iz tha bezt netflix zheeyat i wud recommend othan than tha 7th n 8th epizode wer a bit zheeyat but tha othaz were zolid :sunglasses:


I did look a little at Black Mirror with a friend this weekend, but we both thought it seemed a bit odd and watched two episodes of Outlan…. eh, I mean two episodes of RAMBO, that’s right, instead. I’ll give Maniac a try as well though. I’ve also probed a series called La Catedral del Mar which apparently had high ratings, but I dunno. First episode failed to convince me.


mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn izu mofoz not watching maniac yet>? tiz tha bezt zheeyat on netlifx :lib:


never heard of diz. tiz better than Ozark?


im way too drunkj to anzwaht any queztionz right now but ttru tha MANIAC iz tha current bezt zheeyat i think "lib:


yes :sunglasses:

watch thiz zheeyat :sunglasses:


ahahhaha da robbah. tru I iz gittin there but u iz coupl time zone ahead of mE IIZC


Fuckkkkk. The haunting of Hill House was pretty DAMN GOOD.

Now starting Daredevil S3, which is also SO DAMN GOOOD


Finished both. Hill house was great, but the ending wasn’t quite as good as the rest.

Daredevil S3 was amazing from start to finish.


Anyone else watching ‘The Last Ship’? I’ve found it mostly excellent, and very exciting. A few episodes sag but it’s not like anything else out there.