Work on Simon Barere Recs?

Randomly da mofo had gud articulation n a big, clear tone in the fast stuff despite some obvious overpedalling and rape.

Pretty sure da Carnegie mofos got a good value fo da money when BAR played dere twice a year.

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Festin this sounds pretty good to me though some of the noise is low groove burn from record being played a bunch sounds like. I ordered a non amacha LP of this from discogs… will revisit when I get it in mail.

@Dr.Trumofo can you have an Asian heiress order me this in prep? Is only like 4K

SC-2 Plus - SweetVinyl

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Bar’s Shoe Tocc is simultaneously one of the worst and one of the best recz of the piece


I like his PIMP DJ, certainly one of the best out there.

And despite da rhythmical faults and PURE RAPE spots, he has da trademark pedigree tone that is mostly lost these days

It sounds like he fit he cortot thing where he hits coarser loud spots but with shades of soft pedal And his legato was insanely finished true!

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