88 world reachez a new level of idiocy

i wish i could invent something that would allow me to stab people in the face through the internet:

pianoworld.com/ubb/ubb/ultim … 11892.html

"I take a stand a against Schoenberg and his dodecaphonic sychophants. Yes. I’m against them. I’m taking a political stand. Gonna shoot my mouth off. I expect to get a response.

Schoenberg and his entourage are the only group of classical composers who did harm to the classical music tradition. They represent the height and the horror of musical elitism.

An instructive comparison can be made betwee Vladimar Lenin and Arnold Schoenberg. Lenin thought he could leap frog history, forgo the normal cultural, economic and political development of civilization, and create an elitist utopia of the future. And look what he and his followers did. They damn near destroyed the civilization of eastern Europe. It’s a ghost of what it was and it could have been.

So it is with Schoenberg and his dodecaphonts. They thought they could leap frog musical history, forgo normal tonal and cultural development, and create an elitist tonal system of the future. And look at the result: they turned huge componants of our potential audience against classical music, thereby opening the doors to various popular musics which do not stem from our tradition. And this damn near broke the thread of our tradition–the historical thread that connects us with Brahms, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Palestrina, Monteverde and beyond into the middle ages. Our tradition is a ghost of what it was.

And what did classical music get? Lulu, Wozzeck, the Berg violin concerto? Some say they’re masterpieces. Maybe—then again, maybe not. In any event, we didn’t get very much.


i have absolutely no interest in that forum anymore…it is just boring, mainly because of people like that…they have chased away all the stimulating people; another aveu is needed

da sdc has successfully corrupted me

I always regret me thinking “let’s read PW again, it’s been a while”.

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