A major SDC doping scandal!!!

In his recent record-smashing chopin/godowsky recital, da sperm whale unleashed an insane farters 10/2. He checked in dat mofo at 1’23, a new benchmark. OR IS IT?! Now we will uncovah da truth:

By listening to dis rec again following DA SHEETS, we came to a shocking discovery -Da spermy left out a whole fuckin’ page near de end. :open_mouth:

our guesses as to why he did dis:

  1. Delibrate cheating
  2. Memory fucked up
  3. Reached da limit of his endurance and had to finish dat mofo off or else risking a total halt
  4. Da 3against4 rhythme was falling apart and he can’t control it any longa see 3
  5. Psyched himself out. Da mind crumbles and can’t take anymore of dis sheeeyat. similar to 4
  6. a combination of any of de above


hahahahaha, so dis is why da voicin sheeyat was absent, dis is wikid info 8)

I think da endurance sheeyat are unlikely
da sperm whale is da king of da endurance giving 2 hours SD recitals

I think dat was cheat or memory fucked up

hahahahaha, it was a fuckin cheat cos only VERY FEW ppl actually know dat piece very well - he just hoped dre or lib wasnt listenin 8)

i agree wif da above statement 8)

it was a cheat fo sho



da spermy is undeniably a cheat

or is he?


i dun fink so, it was a memory shit


fuck u


hahahahaha ic

wear u shades so you can c bettah


8) ic bettah