A nu CHICK legend cummah in a rectum clazzic rocket!!!

Zhe added moi on da FB and sent moi diz genzui!

Zhe can fuckin play da 88!

[nasty comment deleted by SDC’s committee for foreign relations, membership etiquette, hamster pick up techniques and velvet air plane folding]

Subscribe, mofos. She’s good!

[even nastier comment removed by SDC’s international board for human elevation, temperamental business practice, bad hair days and the study of small Italian municipalities]

Damn extreme Lady Godiva vibe happening there

There’s clarity but there’s harshness in her tone because of a certain stifness in the technique. Looks like a nice girl though


ahahaha da 88pear mofo harzhnezz of tone kritticizm

diz a ROCKET, not da chop andante zpianato u mofo!! :sunglasses:

Haha yeah I know, couldn’t resist. Still bettah than da removed nasty cumment of xsdc. :wink:
But harzhnezz iz harzhnezz, whetha in :chop: or in :rock: :wink:

@ 3:25 This is more like it IMO - more musical, better tone production, more interesting musical ideas, more relaxed technique. And notice the 50 dislikes…why?

That’s the key, isn’t it? What is she even doing up there???

Sorry Mikhail, but the committee has voted to let this one stay.

ahahahah thiz rocket fo mahzelf iz bez playd by tha GAV in tha random encore video or pozz tha g minah verzion by tha rectum :gav: :rectum:


alzo tha GAV zumwhut zuccezzfully playz tha lazt page which in zo many LIVE performancez otha mofoz dun zeemz to be able to do; even by uzin r*bato therz zumthing about thoze grifflahz that peopl ztruggl wit :lib:

alzo iizc ther wuz a live WHALE rec tha wuz very amazing az well :whale:

da robbah enters and steers things up in here

Here’s the Richter ->

Richter owns it.
Nuff said.

Diz chick tho… not bad! Too bad it is neither a tranny nor Azian.

:rectum: soundz more like G minah to me…

az a permenant membah of da SDC zecurity council, da zepp vil VETO da decizion of yo random wtf committee

alzo, zhe iz kind of HOT 8)

Hehe, it’s about where one puts the bar. She’s good enough that I judge her as a professional, but as such I really don’t know… :gav: Good fingers of course, but if you asked her what the piece is and what she’s doing with it I bet she wouldn’t be able to give you an answer - at least not one which corresponds to the performance above. There’s no sense of concept, no line, no direction, tempo/pulse/rhythm are all over the place, and rubatos by the bar in a piece like this? Seriously? It leads to that the main character trait I take with me from the above is indecision, which somehow doesn’t feel very thought through or even planned with regards to the music. Plus Erwin does have a point with the tone - it’s not a Chopin Nocturne of course, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t at least have nuances (I think it’s difficult to judge how she sounds in absolute terms however through this recording).

Oh well, if you instead see her as an amateur or a student, which is perhaps more fair, it’s of course impressively done. I could not play it like this, and she’s got decades ahead of her to think about interpretation.


da zepp did a comparative analyziz bazed on


n conclude dat da TRUMOFO CHICK fo zhor haz da mo relaxed tech 8)

da RANA fo zhor a wikid penizt, but even da NOR could unleazh a couple of ROCKETZ lyk diz on a gud day 8)

AHAHAHAHA da GAV not only pwn da bezt perf, but alzo

da bezt TONE

fo diz zong 8)

I dun see da big deal with da Rana, but den again - I did not hear any of her recs because she does not look like a tranny and not worth da inevitable Trumofo krittycizm 8)