a piece in da pipeline from a LEGEND

i randomly started to play through some of da 25/12 today and hilariously i picked it up very quick

aftah a good few hrz readin thru it ovah and ovah, i can just about play da whole thing without da score

ofcoz da speed aint dere yet, BUT ill be workin on dat and ill haff a rec done by da time im 20(a couple weekz)

dis iz mah promise to all u legendary mofoz, buy yoself a nu set of diaperz…da comme iz back in town biatch 8)

1’44 iz da time to beat




SHEEEEEEYAT, i think ill haff to sacrifice mah cock fo dat 8)

respec to da comme
gimme a random etude and I will learn it in a couple weekz 8)

da 25/12

dis iz actually VERY eazy to memorize, most of it iz just arpegiated chordz

it iz howevah demanding to play wit dynamicz, and ofcoz - wit speed

letz compete in diz fuckah 8)


iz u feelin da heat? 8)

I’ll do mah best 8)

losahs always whine about dere best. winnahz go home and fuck da prom queen.


dayum! 8)

hahahaha da ROCK 8)

ve vill c 8)

any 1 out of the 100 of the Sorabji Transcendental Etudes please.

hahahahahahahha, DAYUM