a random gathering of mofoz -da olympuz fezt


firzt we haff da THOR “at leazt i got a wikid pic from da pimp comp” http://www.musicalolympus.spb.ru/eng/musolymp/fest2005_part_asa.html

den da legendary LIMP DONG, trimming hiz girth in preparation fo da 90yr old judgez in warsaw. http://www.musicalolympus.spb.ru/eng/musolymp/fest2005_part_dhl.html

den a random hot chick wit an impozing CG background -“Ekaterina was the first performer of a number of compositions by R. Schedrin.” http://www.musicalolympus.spb.ru/eng/musolymp/fest2005_part_ekm.html

n here da VOLOCIDICK clone: http://www.musicalolympus.spb.ru/eng/musolymp/fest2005_part_alv.html

to round off we haff da obligatory 13 yr old MINIMOFOE: http://www.musicalolympus.spb.ru/eng/musolymp/fest2005_part_rcv.html

much RESPEC to all :dong:

hahaha da VOLOCIDICK clone came dere in da same nite of da shrimp, da HORZEFUCKAH n MTPimp

I went to c da bad one :shrimp:

da :shrimp: confirmz thru hiz agent da incluzion of da moonlite sonata in 2008, at da latezt. :dong: