A rare GLIMPZE into da mature DOC :doc: inzane TECH...but iz it fake? :lib: - (:tm: demo included)

I’ve heard so many more satisfying live performances. Richter, Hess, Gelber are on top for me.

Happy you have found performances of this that satisfied you.

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I’m firmly in the 88 camp myself - I listened a few minutes earlier and thought it sounded restrained, academic and simply boring. Both Hamelin and Hough are doing that often nowadays alas, it’s effortless, perfect piano playing at the expense of any real music making.


Sure but I will be fully dressed for the lesson.

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I had a chance to hear Hamelin play both Brahms a few weeks back but would have to drive 2 hours each way… passed - don’t regret.


Imho, I would not consider relying on the same muted colors as “perfect”.
Each time I heard :doc: in standard rep, it was only ok. I heard him live in: Chopzon 3, Debussy Preludes book 2 (una corda snorefest), Haydn b minor son (pretty good), Chop Ballade 3 (chinese schoolgirl level)

Juz… MEH, not MAH.

That said, he played the shit out of da Rudepoema and his own etudes.

The concept of tone production, hall-projection is almost absent in da :doc: playing.

Based on hearing him in concert on 2 occasions. Want my money back.


You were LTTP alas. I heard him annually (I think?) 1996-2001, and he was a wizard at the piano. Not a colorist then either, but much more go and ambition and mind boggling pianism.


HAHAHAHA rezpec da TM!

On page 93, page 102 of da PDF. Dat’z da cheat fingerin tru.

Alzo wut da FUCKKKKK iz da FRIEDRICE thinkin wiz dat inzane trill exercize-

Page 30 - 39 ov da PDF

Da 12 35 trill. WTF?!

All diz DOC hate iz unfortunate. Nevah u muthafickahz forget why he iz da DOC and it ain’t becuz of his chop and gheytooven :nigga:


da volodya ZPEAKETH :pimp:

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Dat Zaid… He did play my favorite nigga 109 evah.

I dun have it but I hope da x mofo duz from dat Boston radio broadcast from pozzibly 2005 on hiz current wife radio show

@xsdc I’d really like to hear that again :doc:

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I think I firzt saw da DOC play live on September 4 2004 at ravinia outzide of Chicago.

He ztartd with a random Haydn zon ( Tru twuz gud)…and then blew my fucking mind off with Ives Concord


N den lyk a week later dasdc wuz apparently created :comme:


Zum “ztandard” rep fo you cuntrarian faggotz

I don’t disagree with all of diz. I do disagree with da tone/hall projection tho.

Maybe I iz da only one here to attend trumofo AND doc rectalz I dunno


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Nonono I don’t hate him - I respect him and he did a lot of good things for neglected cumpohzahz and in his earlier days he was a supreme technician. Tiz just that I often don’t find him particularly inspiring or interesting when he plays standard rep. pieces, and this Brahms wuz a caze in point.

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Women haff da menopauze.

:doc: haff D960.


I will try to defend da :doc: a tiny bit fo ztandard rep juz to recommend dat :nigga: 109 da xmofo wuz gracious enough to post fo moi

But Tru, ztandard rep iz not da point of da PRIME DOC

Tiz lyk asking yo heart surgeon to give you a haircut :comme:


Lizstening to it now - quite like it, at least moah dan dat Bra

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Tru da VOL da only qualified mofo here to judge a

DOC-TRUMOFO fair DUEL :sunglasses:

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