A video commercial for my upcoming CD (Schubert and Liszt)

Hello everybody,

In case you have a few extra minutes and are bored, you might look at this little film that was put together to promote my upcoming CD that I recorded in Berlin with Philipp Nedel producing. We put so much work into it and I hope I the CD will be released soon–it’s not easy to find a willing label for a no-name like me in a market with many piano CDs… I’ll post more information here as soon as I have it.



juz watchd it

u appear to be a compelling individual n wikid m*zician

i vil git tha CD whenevah it dropz :doc:

congratulations on a successful recording process! i’m sure that’s alot of work. will love to hear the cd when it’s available

buyin’ dis

I’ll buy it for sure! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, each one of you, for your kind words and support–they mean so much to me. Will keep you posted with developments!

best of luck, I’ll also be buying it and definitely keep us updated.

Congrats! I’ll be getting this as well

wow tiz looks wikid 8) GJ

diz iz pimping!!

can’t wait fo dis to cum out.

Very nice - I’ll join the queue ! (I like the Tchaikovsky concerto too, by the way.) Good luck with finding a label (although I think the more difficult part is to find the right label, one that has a reliable distributor).

Superb playing, Zsolt! Great production too - the effort really shows. I’ll be buying this when it comes out. You’ve got heaps more talent than a lot of the ‘big-label’ pianists. You have our support!

tru, dis mofo iz a legend. nuff said.

I’ll buy 10.
If you throw in the DVD, I’ll buy 22.

tell me where to order this!

Thank you all so much for your kind words of support–they all mean so much to me! When our musical friends offer us encouragement and belief, it goes a long way, much more so than the words of critics from the big press. I hope to keep you all posted here with any developments on the possible release!

Looking forward to this very much… Miles ahead of your studio-mate, Trifonov (though he is interesting at times).

Sounds fantastic. Add me to the list, too! After hearing your Tchaik 2, I’ll buy anything you produce! Nice little video too.