Abbey Simon--Chicago Recital--17 April, 1977

Since there was/is some recent interest in Abbey Simon:

Chicago (Orchestra Hall)
April 17, 1977

Brahms-Paganini Variations
Chopin-Etudes op 25

(CJ is right that there isn’t much Simon material around not locked away someplace. For several months this year, I have been transferring several hundred (literally) tape reels of a collector who attended concerts/recitals mainly during the late 1960’s and 70’s. This Simon recital was among the finds.)



Cool, thanks. Have you uncovered any Van Cliburn stuff on those reels? I am always on the lookout for live material by him.

So this is an audience rec? Just wondering because it’s in mono.

Edit: yeah I guess so since you mentioned ‘attended’.

Yes, this is audience recording

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No new Cliburn; sorry about that. Some Ruby, an SR, Alf, and some others on the eventual project list.

Re question on tracking—field rec much different in the “old days”, bulky equipment, big mics, etc. In this case, fellow used one Uher mic and R-R 5" deck half-track. True stereo audience recording only really worked if multiples in different parts of the hall. In the early 80’s, Sony et al came around with “stereo” mike T-bars, etc.and some tried 2 separate mics but, with no/little real separation distance between them, not advancing toward stereo sound very much.


Thanks Ron! Respect!

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Really glad to hear this is still in the works, last you mentioned it was back in january

a new SR? That would be exciting!

This was actually a separate cache from what I mentioned in January----earlier mentioned was a load of stuff from NY area. This Chicago bunch was pure luck from another CSO collector. It’s been a good year…and I’m grateful to these friends as well as DASDC colleagues.


Re Richter–for some unknown reason, there aren’t a lot of US Richter recitals audience-recorded, except those performed in the NY/NJ area where in-house was much more organized. There are probably some isolated items in local collections but they may never be unearthed.

As respects the Chicago (3/29/70), NOT breaking new musical ground in his programming—Huttenbrenner (missing opening minute or so), various Fantasiestucke, Prok 7, Bartok Hungarian, Masques, and Prok, Chopin encores. Still, always happy to find new SR, especially at this late date…


Oh. Did you abandon the NYC list? I’m a bit confused since I’ve been offered parts of what I assume is that collection from other collectors throughout 2019, but still haven’t heard anything more directly from you.

That was a fantastic program though - maybe my favourite from the 1970s. What did you think about the playing compared to the tapes which are already around?

I haven’t circulated any parts of the NY material except maybe one/two items on this site earlier in the year…there are a lot of folks in-audience in NY so it’s possible they might be different sources or possibly some circulated earlier by the originator.

As for the Chicago material, I must admit I haven’t given the material a really good listen yet----I moved residences a couple months ago so I was more intent on transferring the material in raw form when I had access to it. Editing and listening to follow.

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All I know is that a very large amount of high quality NYC tapes have entered circulation since about 12-18 months or so. I really don’t know where they come from, but due to the timing I’ve assumed they were from what you had unearthed. I suppose it could be Helen (“in Lawrence”) as well - but these sound much better than what Chin would have produced.

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I digitized the entire collection and provided FLAC files to the originator last year, followed by a trip and updates this year—he had prior saved on CD, cassette, and DAT’s. Possible that he might have shared some of the material since it’s now in more “transportable” form.

Havn’t connected directly with “Helen”, though we’re probably all familiar with what she (and earlier with “Herman”) have posted on YT. Some good stuff and it would seem from her catalog # on the “video” that there could be some/a lot more. Unfortunately, she has slowed down on frequency of her YT posts.

Yes could be - or someone else… I haven’t inquired about it since I felt confident in where they came from.

Re this collection, you wouldn’t have complete copies of Horowitz’s two Chicago 1968 recitals in there? Parts from both circulated just as I began collecting Horowitz in the late 1990s, but I’ve never seen the full May 19 recital, and it’s still a mystery to me who recorded these.

Me neither. I probably should, and she obviously wants to connect since she even posts her e-mail address with several of the videos, but I don’t have time…