Abortions and supernovae

Can we air some names of those who seemed exceedingly promising, only to fade and disappear near the start; and those who made little early impact, only later to imprint hugely on the scene?

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For the first category, I’m thinking Gavrilov. Although I guess he was on the scene for more than a decade, it’s a pretty short career by pianists’ standards. Yundi Li also seems to have faded from view in recent years. Someone like Rubinstein fits the latter category, maybe Sokolov too.

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First category Pierre Volondat comes to mind. Second, Bolet.

Nyiregyhazi, Bozhanov, Zecchi, Lund, Libetta… Maybe not disappeared, but if just failed to live up to expectations or burned out early is ok there’s quite a number of them here. I’d add Cliburn as well, also LL, Ogdon and to some extent d’Albert and Pogo who only remained a force for a relatively short time.

2 is less common, but aside from Brew’s & Erwin’s picks there’s Cherkassky, Ciccolini, Prats… eh… Ugorski….

I suppose someone like Lewenthal fits both categories.


da LIB iz a caze where hiz arrogance got in da way

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Zecchi started a second career as a conductor though…

Hahaha da WIBI Soerjadi…world famous in the whole Netherlands :wink:

ahahahah diz a LEGIT TOP 10 MOFO fo da zepp, bazically half-DONGAH half-MAXIM :sunglasses:


Yep, sublime arsetitstry here :wink:



alzo filmed in hiz legendary caztle :sunglasses:


I was actually wondering what happened to him recently. Bolet is an interesting one, I think his fame came too late; his tech had slipped and his playing had gotten stiff.

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  1. Da hahahahahatto
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DAYUM :sunglasses:

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Hahaha letz alzo ztart a zred 'bout “penisztz going to jail aftah mizbehavior”

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Oh good, I get a chance to post my favourite link. Penizt not going to jail after being a naughty boy. :laughing:


Wait, they’re investigating his driving and not his contact with young boyz? :slight_smile:

He was the teacher of Gavrylyuk amongst others.

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