Alkan e-book

Charles Valentin Alkan
His Life and His Music

(edit - too big to attach as pdf…)

Thanks !

Ha, I meant to post this in the videos and recordings section, but either I f…d up or it’s been moved! :wink:

Great, thank you!

I moved it. :rectum:

Maybe we should have a pdf/text download section?
Anywho, muchos gracias for this.

We’ve got an e-books thread stickied.
I don’t think there’s enough demand for a complete section.

I was thinking more like a section for articles, books, sheet music, magazines etc.
That would be more organized than people posting in one thread, which they evidently aren’t doing anyways :wink:

I think only da mart can create/delete subforums and he’s been MIA for a few years now.
There are heaps of sections that need to be deleted.

I would have posted it there, but I’m not at 100 posts yet!

No sweat.
Though at your current rate you’ll get there by 2027. 8)

Not very speedy of me :blush:

I removed the 100+ posts limit. I only put it there because I don’t want all of the books to get stolen from there and shared elsewhere by lurkers. Most of those I bought (at least most of the epubs) and I don’t really want them getting widely distributed in case there’s some identifying information in the metadata or something.