All da Chopetz

Yeah seriously!

Holy shit!

Bravo, quite an achievement to have ALL of them memorized and more or less ready to play in one concert!
Now you can spend the next 30 years refining them, both technically & musically - I’m sure the result will be great!


Yes, glad you included the three as well! They are different… but I like them as much or more as the big sets.

Exactly, and Dan plays them beautifully here.
Btw Dan, do you want to compete or to complete? :wink:

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Massive respect for this huge project! Will take a look definitely!

Unbelievable, really…

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da zepp randomly haff

one queztion:

did yo PROF

recummend u any REFERENC RECZ fo diz legendarily mazzive undahtakin? :sunglasses:



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ahahahaha da zepp want to make a clear point here:

tiz tru dat individually zum of deze lil mofoz may not zound lyk dey iz FULLY GIRTHED


diz a fuckin COMPLETE LIVE UNLEAZH n bazed on da zepp 100% objective azzezzement:

diz da moz difficult live prog evah attempted by a livin SDC membah who iz not da LIB :sunglasses:

datz rite diz about 1.5x mo difficult den da KANCERTO, which contain approx 15minz of TRU (ie non-ziterapable) material, no dizrezpec to da WEE :ho:

n da GAZFART, minuz ziterapable partz, iz a 7 min zong, no dizrezpec to da MIKEY :gav:

to ma knowledge da only prog of cumparable difficulty unleazhed by an SDC membah who iz not da LIB, iz:

da TRUMOFO POLIZH MILF 3-roundz-in-1 two hour private rectal prog :tm: :sunglasses:


da complete chopets randomly way hardah den any of doze, tru

bazically da karatemofo da mozt insane SDC penizt

unlezz da dirana join :sunglasses:

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Hahaha I fixed it on YouTube, but doesn’t seem to fix everywhere else!

And you’re right, playing Chopin will always remain an aspiration till the end!


Hahaha he wuz randomly very impressed wit Chochieva. I don’t think he ever suggested any, but I listened to Saperton, Cortot, Fiorentino, and Freire the most as far as full sets go. Of course, I listened to all da SDC approved legends and sheeyat for educational purposes.

Tiz tru that it was hard af to prepare fo diz program because I primarily survive with work in the collaborative field, so I practiced them whenever I could. I have no life anyway, so I guess it helped! I’m grateful for yo azzezzment


Randomly, did you move to Ireland or was this an international gig?

I still live in upstate NY, but I’m applying to a few jobs around the US so who knows from the fall. I could stay, but I don’t really intend to stick around for too long.


Rezpek yozelf

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1 hour in, da COLDFART CUMMAH

FUCKKKKKK daiiiiim

Randomly yo hand positions look beautiful as fuck too. Rezpek da full chill control daiiiim

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Man, diz da perfect tempo, pozz. Fuckkkk da bazz additions! Rezpek da LH prowess too.

Diz randomly zmooth az fuck


Hahaha thanks a lot mang! My teacher is most uncompromising in terms of efficient and effective hand choreography, so he still had a lot to say the following day about refining it!

And yeah, I had to discreetly add a few things to the Coldfart (in Japanese, the winterwind is literally called “The Tree Killer”) and Ocean just because the original effect of the single notes just wasn’t enough in a concert.


That’s right, u fuckin legend!

Where da fuck da rest of ya’ll?

Check out da octs et n cold fart

We’re just sitting here feeling deeply inadequate, to be honest…