Anastasia Vorotnaya

We’ve already considered her feminine charms, now let’s discuss her pianism.

I listened to about half of the first movement, and really wasn’t impressed. It’s not bad per se, but it struck me as a student performance. But is this a fair assessment? I don’t like it when critics make sweeping statements, so I need to call myself out on this. What exactly in a person’s playing makes it a student performance?

I’m going to go back and listen carefully this evening, A priori, it’s to do with tempo, and structural organisation, but I need to work out concretely why what she does makes it seem to me like an immature interpretation. If I’m unable to do this, then I’m just as guilty of talking rubbish as that clueless French critic who claimed that Debargue’s Chopin concerto lacked maturity (it didn’t, and there I can tell you exactly why).

I’m also interested in what you guys think about this young lady’s playing.

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I’m already liking it more on a second listen. I hate myself sometimes. Above all else I don’t want to be one of those people who, if you told me it was by Vorotnaya, would say it’s not good, while if you said it was by Geza Anda or Rubinstein would say, it’s pretty good.

I’m randomly too tired to do this tonight. And tomorrow is Day of the Dead with the Mexas, so probably I’ll return to this on the weekend.

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man I hope you enjoy the Day of the Dead celebration. I was just talking about that, wish I could experience that with them.

Yeah apparently there’s a lot happening. Ms Heels is in charge so naturally none of us know what the plan is yet!

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I forgot to relisten to this. However, I think it was unfair to call it a student performance when it’s just not how I like the piece played. Her tempi don’t let it breathe enough for my taste, but I can’t call that immature playing because older pianists do it too.

This shows technique, but a certain focus on detail which I don’t favour. It also lacks fury. It doesn’t help that the audio source is from the video camera. It’s not hard to mic the piano separately, and it makes a big difference. I’m going to watch her Brotha 3 with Schiff now.

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Ok I will try this then. Da clock juz turned back so itz not even az laet az it zhud or zhud be :whale:


Listened to the first movement (I have to go out now, so rest will have to wait). There’s a lot to like, however I get the feeling that she and I just aren’t kindred spirits artistically. There’s a lack of drive which bothers me. However, technically it’s very nice and I like her sound. It’s just not impestuous enough for me.

There’s a lot of material of her on youtube (opposite of Fernanda Damiano), but I don’t like most of what I‘ve heard. Am I wrong?

Well it’s definitely not bad but I somehow lost interest fairly quickly

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This is from 4.5 years ago, but she will play pcf when I (hopefully) see her next year. I’m still in the prelude, but I like it. I think it’s the best thing I’ve heard from her by far. As heretical as it may seem, I’m not actually such a huge fan of this piece.

It took me a moment to understand that dis anonymous chick already has 2 threadz here.

The better looking the chick, the more threads she’ll get. :sunglasses:

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