ANY Ogdon vids!?

Are there any vids of Ogdon playing da88? I am very interested in seeing him play anything really.

1 documentary, he talks about his life, and fragments of playing including islamey, and his own composition of the movie Mody dick, he died like 1 month after the documentary was made.

another one, pre-tch comp vid of him playing complete dante sonata, insane playing.

That documentary is really good - there’s a clip of him practically sight-reading Bartok 2. :rectum: :rectum:

i’ve long wondered if there were ogdon vidieos. i’ll have to check that out. do you know how to find the dante sonata video?

one cambry can hook u up wif dat.


i haff tha ogdong dante vid

it iz zub-ziff '59 and zub ziff '72 but ztill legendary tru

Rob would mind posting that vid?

-da Meph

tru mofo?

hahahahahahah pozzibly da meph iz da trumofo?

please :doc:

-da Meph

okei i have to edit that post 8)


ahahahah i vil azk tha greg fo a link i pozzibly dun haff it ne mo :whale:

man that would be insane to get that ogdon documentary. PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE.


n to thiz day da ROB haff not azked fo da link 8)

tru i juz cantaloupe forgot! :whale:


anyone likes radu lupu?

plz :rock:

anyone seen dat movie on da jonny odong?

Johnny Lingo? Funniest movie eva

Alfred Molina should’ve gotten an Oscar.