Any russian speakers to help me figure out WTF is going on?

Gavrilov talking about Richter. … a-i-andrey
(Google translation)

"I went to the hotel. In my eyes caught - the walls are covered with black silk on which scattered embroidered red roses with green leaves. Set of roses. It was unbelievably quiet. Quaint hotel! Went into the elevator. What cramped! Square meter, no more. Thought - as well as a couple here, then go? Came out on the third floor, was on the same flower, darkest gallery knocked. No one answered. Knocked again.

  • Well, get well - Svyatoslav Theofilovich groaned. Such was the tone of it, when he was cranky or depressed.
    I pushed open the door, which was unlocked, and entered the room curtains tightly. Hardly saw the glory, lying under a blanket.
  • Well, sit down, Andrew - he moaned softly.
    Seated on the contrary, I stared at Richter interrogative silence. Silent together, as we usually do when meeting after a long separation.
  • Well, let’s go to work?
  • H-ee-e-t, now I do not.
  • maybe go for a walk?
  • Come on, just help me get dressed. Could you give me her panties?
    I took off my panties with Slava backrest with two fingers and handed them to him. He sat on the bed and began to slowly get into, looking strangely at me. I turned away. Only a few years later I realized that my disgust and two fingers Richter I have not forgiven. We walked out of the room."

Here’s another one:

Seems that Gavrilov wrote a book and talks a lot about Richter. Gavrilov apparently hates the fact that the media often has labelled him a protege of Richter.

you sure this is about da rectum and not about da pletnophile? :dong:

OK, I used the Google Translate from Russian to Dutch and it is a bit more obvious:

Gavrilov visits Richter in his hotel, enters the maestro’s suite and finds Richter laying naked in bed hardly covered by the sheets. Richter asks Gavrilov to hand him his underpants and da Gav picks them up from the chair using two of his fingers [a sign of discust] As Richter puts them on he turns his back [another sign of discust] Two years later da Gav realises his display of disgust and feels ashamed.