any thoughts on Petri?

I find that he has many very nice recordings, especially the early 1929 stuff…

His Liszt Totentanz is da TRU TEMPO as well…

idk, that said, his playing always seemed overplayed and un-nuanced to me…
any thoughts?

He’s like my pianistic great grandfather but I randomly haven’t listened to him much. Kan symphony is probably the best sheeyat I heard from him.

Start with da earliest recs on Appian and the 1936 Pimp Tot

I have these although can’t remember if I ever ripped the APR set.
I don’t remember these making much of an impression on me.

They re issued the whole set with bonus recs. I can post it if anyone wants

His Brahms Paganini Variations on Naxos were a personal favorite of mine, IMHO this recording is almost as the same level as Michelangeli’s.

All of his Busoni is worth listening.

I didn’t even realise he had recorded the Paganini variations.

Yes, it’s this

I have it in FLACs, do you want it?

Yes that would be great thanks!

Just posted in the Free Recordings section.


Yeah, listen to the subtle changes he makes in book 2.
Probably da Busoni way 8)

Petri was not a sentimental player. I guess that comes across as boring / lacking charm / warmth sometimes. He’s not going to be able to play miniatures with the same character as Friedman. But he grows on you for those big 19th century works by Liszt, Brahms, Beethoven, Alkan, and his friend Busoni.

I’ve been a big advocate of that Petri practice room recording of the Alkan Symphony for a long time. It’s a real shame that this is all that survives of that Busoni / Petri nexus of Alkan advocacy from the early 20th century. Because it’s freaking amazing (especially the first movement).

His Brahms Paganini is also excellent, as has already been mentioned.

Reputedly the Brahms Pag is one take?

In any case I’ve uploaded some Petri orchestral Liszt.


I’ve been a fan of Petri for a lot of years–at least since the 1970’s when I discovered an imported Odeon LP (part of a “great pianists” type series)----I was, and still am, very impressed with his Schubert/Liszt songs—captured quite well for the late 1920’s. Refined (for me, but perhaps restrained to others) playing and a technique which supported the music rather than being the show itself.

I have quite a lot of Petri, both from LP’s and CD’s, in case anyone is looking for anything particular.