Anyone here running Linux?

If so, which distro?

I’m Running Ubuntu Dapper and Gentoo + WinXp

Gentoo is FAST, Ubuntu is easy to configure maintain, but noticeably sl*wer.


I is running da Ubuntu on me desktop.
n da OSX on me laptop.

n ohyeh… FOOK windoze :smiling_imp:

Damn, tru. Getting my external LCD running at max res under ubuntu was the last straw. Now i’ll never use windows again.

Still, I’ll keep it on here because erasing that partition would also likely delete the MBR and that could be hazardous :frowning:

hahah damn… nah…
I dun think so.
n u can just reconfigure da bootloader ofcoz.
since you prolly already has grub

tiz tru, like all the linux shit i’ve done, i’ll just keep trying until i get a good config.

hahah fuk, randomly

i vill get a new laptop zoon n will be rapin mahbadzelf of linux virginity

i iz lookin at da kororaa gentoo sheeyatz becuz of da genzui XGL effectz

i have ubuntu n win2k, but i use mostly win2k, because i play poker online and nearly all poker clients works only with windows and im too lazy to learn linux more. win2k has been surpsingly steady.

Win2k is solid. WinME on the other hand :frowning:

I play Pokerstars under WINE. It runs beautifully.

really, wit WINE t makez u wondah why mo ppl dun give Linux a shot

i tried to have linux twice i juzt dont think i can manage to install it and run it like a normal person.

if u can’t install da ubuntu…
you can’t install da computer.

installing winblowz iz mo difficult den ubuntu. 8)

really ? so the ubuntu is sort of an easy linux system ? i never had problems with installing anything from dos win 311 windows 95 98 2000 ME XP and what includes it but i always think that Linux is only for computer retards

ok , zo Klauz already helped me and told me to try Knoppix from da dvd first … tru :comme:

Use Ubuntu instead of Knoppix. The Ubuntu ISO is a live CD as well - and has a simple installer on the desktop that will help you through all the partitioning etc.

I believe the installer can resize NTFS partitions as well, so no need to do any prep before installing except making sure that you’ve got enough space.

Also, whenever you’re resizing partitions(assuming you’re going to dual-boot) it’s a good idea to back up your shit.

:doc: ic

da sdc zervah iz runnin da NUX

thats bunch of tips to a nux newbie like me . thanks but im not really getting that . y do i have to do partition ? u zee i haff at the moment like 280 GB or something , and its 279,8 GB full , so do i have to put it ALL on dvd before i want to install da nux ???
and do u really recommend me to start using da nux ?