anyone play islamey

anyone here tackled islamey?

I wanna hear sum sdc dude platy dis fury!

rezpect. :ziff: :ziff:

i was thinking for a second that maybe you know this piece. i would love to see an angry trumofo rendition of this piece. :tm: :tm:


firzt part until sl*w part shud me in 1.50
then da slow part till back to tempo one
then tempo1 til trepak
then da fury trepak and presto at da end
4 filez zeperate sheeyat



be :stop: learnin it or da nerd vil ziteread it b4 u


da wee did, is he sdc tho?


da ROB bombah iz already a bit legendary…try da people united sheeyat 8)

hahaha tiz actually one piece that doesn’t fit very ezily in my handz.


hHAHhAHaha I haff a piece dat dun fit eazily into my handz eithah 8)

y waste time on such piece? duh … da american-japoz …

hahahaha da cock :laughing:

The piece is not too interesting musically, but it’s packed with double notes. :smiley: