Arcadi Volodos dizplaying aztounding VIRTUOZITY

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But not fo da fsfsffhake of virtuoshsfsity

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Waiting for his Scrib 8 dat he announced but never programmed.

Does he play any romantic/late romantic virtuoso stuff any more?

The slower one have insanely controlled ppp escapement tickling.

Hahahahaha da VOL iz approachin da

“moz difficult zheeyat in da world iz to play a cuntvincin Bach prelude #1 in c maj” ztage of hiz career :sunglasses:



Then again, this mofo earned Da privilege to program stuff like dat.

haha did da MOMPOU write a zingle zheeyat dat breakz da 5npz barrier? :sunglasses:


Did Chopin?



His program for the nexr season is:

Schubert Sonata D major, D. 850

Debussy Preludes Book 1




I predict greatest debussy playing in history.

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Faak, juz realyzd our truzted Vol bootleggahz haff zkipd town.

I’m in touch with @Brewtality

I’ll let you know if anything comes up.

@xsdc can suck a nearest camel dick for preferring da Kennah’s lapdog Navarro’s octaveless unleash over mine at da 2019 pimp comp selection


Like seriously. Fuck that guy.

Cool, thx



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You know wai he ditchd uz?

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Possibly because diz place a bit insane?