Hello, new member here. :doc:

I want to share my artworks (because my playing is not worth to be listened) but I can’t seem to find the right category so I’m posting this thread here… because well, this is my fury, I think :blush:

Pictures of some pianists :smiley:

Will post some more if anyone wants to see :blush: I’ve drawn :orgy: :rock: :pimp: :rectum: as well :smiley:
Ashkenazy lom jadi.png

That’s really cool! Cheers, and welcome to the forums. :dong:

Thanks! :dong:

nicely done!

Lets see rachmaninoff 8)

Here ya go, I got 3 pics of Rach

There’s even a pic of musicdarkangel’s avvy :doc: (Heh, I already know the members here). Feel free to request btw, I’d be happy to draw some more stuffs. I’m currently working on this Richter pic but it turned out to be a failure (I miscalculated the length of the object and the angles).


The last one of the Rock is great. rezpec :rock:

Rezpec! The Argerich pic is very beautiful; also the unfinished Ashkenazy

Dude you are absolutely amazing! Welcome to the forum, looking forward to more of your drawings. (did u draw all of them by hand? the Chopin one almost seemed like it was PSed (it’s a compliment))

anyway, i will be using one of these for some avatar or sth, hope u wouldn’t mind.

Wow thanks! I’m glad they’re not a bad sight lol.

Oh right, the Chopin was made using Photoshop (and a mouse, though I used a pen tablet on Ashkenazy). The unfinished Ashkenazy was a fun sketch for my friend on Facebook (using Graffiti). And no I wouldn’t mind at atll! It’d be an honor, actually.

Here’s a video of my drawing process (another Ashkenazy, the photo was cool so I got interested in reproducing it :stuck_out_tongue: )

The video is slightly flattened though, the original is the one in the attachment.

The other attachment is Pletnev (I’m a big fan :blush: ). I drew it on the whiteboard with markers during recess… lol.

dude, u are all sort of amazing

and yea, ur pletnev is the best~

Thanks again! By the way… what’s the difference between da ziffro & da svatozlav? :confused:

*Btw… you should REALLY check this out… the woman’s got heavenly skillz :smiley:

do da :tm: 8)

whos da tm? :astonished:

You, sir, are awesome. Grand respect.

ahahahha TRU rezpec yo zkillz grandconc :gav:

alzo i requezt a :gav: drawin when u haff tym 8)



ahahahaha daim tha nor zecret talent 8)

rezpec :gav:

juz small joke gconcerto. Your artwork is great! I loved the :orgy: portrait

Wow lovely stuff, the third Rach drawing is something I would really like to see on my wall here (and Argerich too). Amazing.

Is that… Gavrilov? :gav: Sure thing, I’ll do it tomorrow at school 8)
Meh, these days I care less for school and more for art. My chair mate taught me how to use watercolors, and today I put it to the test. I drew Lugansky! It’s not flawless (naturally) :rectum: but I’m starting to enjoy watercolors more than pencils, so I might draw :gav: with watercolors as well.