Attention Chris

Chris - if I’m right in remembering that you have a personal copy of Kehler’s The Piano in Concert, can you fish Vol.1 out and see if you find any concerts listed by Bolet in London during 1977-1978 there? Are the encores listed for any of them?

I’m randomly out of town for the long weekend. If you can wait until Tuesday, I’ll be happy to check. I’ll scan the Bolet list for you, along with any others you’re interested in.

Thanks! It’s for an ancient tape mystery I just can’t seem to crack… It’s a longshot, but who knows.

Nothing in there, I’m afraid.

Alas. Thanks anyway - it was for a set of encores which have circulated but which no one knows exactly when they’re from. The most likely bet is Bolet’s October 1977 QEH recital, but the sound apparently doesn’t match with the tape which is around of that concert (which is encore less). They’ve also been suggested to be from several concerts, or as being from a concerto performance he gave the same season, but they sound and appear as if they are from one recording, and five encores after a concerto? From Bolet? (and where’s the concerto??)

Unless reviews can be obtained of his London concerts from the time where the encores are hinted I’m going to leave this an open mystery.

All 5 sound like they’re from the same performance? That’s quite a number.

Well there is debate, but yeah, it’s at least not clear to me that they would be from different dates. If so I’d say it’s same hall, same seat.

Respect this MI6-level sleuthing. It certainly sounds like a hard one to pin down.